Clip-In Hair ExtensionsClip-In Hair Extensions

It’s a classic hair story: you get the urge to switch up your appearance and decide a lob is just what you need, only to have hair regret the following day. 

However, unlike a breakup, short hair doesn’t have to last forever. And unlike a breakup, we advise you to open the door to your past when it comes knocking. 

So, what should a girl suppose to do? The solution is clip in hair extensions, which let you have short one minute and long hair the next, requiring no commitment to your own hair.

No one can tell if you are savvy about the clip-in hair extensions you choose, and you can sport a very natural look!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 clip in hair extensions from well-known hair brands to help you search for the perfect accessory to complete your look.

1. REECHO Hair Extension: Heat Friendly Hair Extensions

Number one on our list, we have REECHO Hair Extension with their 5 strong holding clip in hair extensions

These clip in hair extensions are made of matte-finished synthetic hair fiber that mimics the appearance of real human hair. 

You can customize your look with styling tools, and trimming allows you to give it the shape you want. 

So, if you are on the hunt for heat-friendly synthetic clip in hair extensions, REECHO Hair Extension is a good place to start!

2. Beyond Extensions: Best Remy Clip In Hair Extensions

Known for offering diverse clients that include A-listers like Ashley Tisdale and Awkwafina, Beyond Extensions is a well-known hair brand exclusively offering Remy clip in hair extensions…period!

With 40 years of hair expertise under their belt, you can bet that this hair brand only sells the finest quality, design, and construction found in Remy clip-ins.

They offer their Remy clip in hair extensions in 3 Collections– the Classic Extensions, Select Extensions, and Couture Extensions.

  • In their Classic collections, the clip in hair extensions is treated to make styling a breeze with most of the cuticles removed. 
  • In their Select collection, most hair cuticles are intact because of minimal processing, resulting in stronger and tangle-free hair.
  • In their Couture collections, all of the cuticles of Remy hair run in the same direction and lies flat. As a result, clip in hair extensions from this collection results in the strongest, most durable, and most luxurious extensions.

So, if you are looking for 10 thin wefts with meticulously silicone treated clip ins for the most natural look and damage-free extensions, Beyond Extensions is the fantastic place to shop!

3. Original Queen: Shed-Free Clip In Hair Extensions

Are you searching for unprocessed Brazilian clip-ins? Try clip-ins from Original Queen to add kinky curls to your look!

Their thin, springy, glossy, and voluminous hair extensions are perfect for a bleachable and stylable hairdo. 

Original Queen promises shed-free and tangle-free hair extensions without any split ends in their tightly-knit hair extensions. It sounds like the deal of a lifetime!

The brand claims their hair extensions will hold their length and return to the original curl pattern even after several washes. All you need is argan oil to prolong the appearance of healthy and radiant tresses.

4. Full Shine Store: Easy To Detangle Clip In Hair Extensions

Another clip in hair extensions made from human hair is from Full Shine Store, thanks to the new anti-tangle technology.

Their clip-ins are voluminous and blend well with natural hair without any shedding or loose pieces. 

Full Shine Store offers Remy clip-ins that can be colored, styled, and washed without making an appointment to have your hair done.

5. Hair De Ville: Messy Free Clip-Ins

Try the Hair De Ville Skin Weft extensions if you’re eager to hit the beach with a gorgeous beach blond balayage. 

The strong adhesive holds the hair extensions in place and prevents them from coming undone. They don’t need any additional tools and are simple to attach. 

Hair De Ville makes the task of removing hair extensions easy. 

All you have to do is spray the remover, then simply peel the weft away. No heating is necessary.

6. S-Noilite Store: Styling Clip-Ins

Are you considering buying Grade 7A, 100% Remy human hair extensions? Then you are in luck because that is exactly what  S-Noilite Store promises!

This hair brand offers thick double weft clip-ins for instant volume and bounce. 

Their double-weft clip-ins also take styling well and complement all skin tones in their signature jet black hair color. You can style, dye, and bleach these beauties without running the risk of damaging the hair.


While short hair is attractive, styling it can be challenging. However, using clip-in extensions can broaden the possibilities for hairstyling. They give your hair volume to make it appear long and luscious. 

We recommend giving Beyond Extensions a shot if you are looking for expert-approved clip-in extensions at different price points.

Ready to go longer, go fuller, go beyond? Read Kayley Melissa Unboxes Beyond Extensions to know what you can expect from this hair brand!

By Anurag Rathod

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