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Energy bills are going too high with the passing days. Not only are the tariffs getting higher, but even the consumption in every household is also scaling up with added appliances, HVAC systems, and electronic gadgets constantly being used. Lifestyles in modern-day cannot do without electrical appliances and the comfort of modern technology. But if you are looking for an easy way to manage the energy bills without compromising on your comfort, then installing solar panels is the best way.  

Even though it counts as a heavy investment, it is only a one-time investment for installing solar energy panel infrastructure. With the recurring savings you make after that, soon, within a few years, you can count on huge savings on energy bills. 

Benefits of Solar Panels:

Renewable Energy-

The world will confront a major challenge with fossil fuels, one of the primary energy sources being consumed rapidly. In such conditions, solar power systems which derive energy from the sun can help reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. Besides, these panels, mostly installed on roofs, also do not emit carbon, thereby minimizing carbon footprint. 

Save on Energy Bills-

One-time investment to install solar-powered panels to build your energy supply, and you don’t need to pay your energy bills after that. Besides, the Australian government is encouraging more solar panel users with exclusive rebates for new solar system purchases in Australia. These rebates are lucrative, for they can help you to save as much as around $3,400 off the cost of new solar system infrastructure. You can also check the eligibility for a rebate on the government website. However, those seeking to avail of the rebate on a solar system installation need to purchase Australian Clean Energy Council-approved solar system components and make the installation by an accredited installer.

Environment Friendly- 

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions you can minimize with a solar panel installation can overwhelm you with surprise. Around 250 tons of greenhouse gas emissions can be minimized with a 6.6kW solar system. So, you can make carbon emission-free, renewable energy for a lifetime. Thus, it encourages reduced air pollution, clean and healthy human air, and greeneries. 

Store or Sell Unused Power-

The energy built is used for your daily requirement, but the excess energy can also be stored in solar batteries for later uses at night, on cloudy or snowy days. You can also export excess energy directly from your solar panels to the electricity grid, and for that, you are paid based on a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy. You will receive a feed-in tariff from your electricity retailer to maintain a track record.

Low Maintenance Costs-

Solar power systems generally do not need huge maintenance. However, it is, of course, good to inspect your system by an accredited or licensed solar system expert to ensure it is running in its best conditions. 

Property Value Increase-

If you are planning or have distant plans of selling your property, a solar system in your property could add up to your property value. Since these systems eliminate the need to pay regular energy bills and are highly cost-effective over time, they can add to the demand of a property. According to property experts, a 5kW solar panel installation could give a nice hike of around $29,000 to the value of a house. So, even in that way, you can benefit, and there is hardly any way for a loss in this investment.

Wrapping It Up !!!

The world is looking up to environment-friendly steps from mankind, and it stands to be the responsibility of mankind to return the gratitude to nature with responsible adaptations, and adhering to the use of solar panels is one such a kind of attempt. 

By Anurag Rathod

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