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We are all fond of jewelry. Cute and stylish necklaces always attract our eyes, and we are ready to buy great necklaces to enhance our looks. We are obsessed with necklaces, especially the eye-catching designs that elevate our beauty to the next level. Necklaces enhance the overall look of a person and also the personality of a person. 

Are you also one of those worried customers who wish to keep their necklaces untangled? Many users complain of tangled necklaces and are worried about finding effective solutions for this problem. While we love to shop for unique pendant designs, often we forget about their maintenance. Is there any way to keep your necklace untangled for a long time? Tangled necklaces are a headache for everyone and no one wishes to see their valuable jewellery like that. To avoid that frustration, you can look at the tips mentioned below to keep your jewellery untangled. 

Follow these tips to keep your necklaces untangled! 

Always hang your necklaces

Are you also making that common mistake of keeping your necklaces in a wardrobe or closet? The bad news is that your necklace will have the highest chance of getting tangled inside your wardrobe. No matter how pretty and valuable your necklace is, using a hook or hanger for your necklaces will help you keep them untangled for a long time. 

Don’t throw your jewellery recklessly in a corner. It will get tangled, and you will have a hard time untangling it! To save that effort, start hanging your necklaces on a hook. Moreover, belt hangers or hooks are already present in every household. That doesn’t require any type of investment. So, you are saved from that, and you don’t need to burn your pocket for this solution! 

Have some space for keyholes in your wardrobe

All of us design ordinary wardrobes and leave no space for keyholes. But wait a minute. Why would you need keyholes in the first place? Is there a need for that? This point is connected with our first point. Keyholes are necessary for hanging your necklaces. Keyholes will allow your valuable and elegant necklaces to hang freely, swing and swirl with the wind without getting tangled. 

Also, ensure great quality keyholes and hangers for your necklaces. If the keyhole or nail doesn’t hold up well, there are chances that your necklace will fall and get damaged. To keep your jewellery safe and sound, make sure that your cupboard is well-equipped. 

Try out zipper bags 

You never thought about zipper bags, did you? But what’s the use of zipper bags? Zipper bags are essential for keeping your necklaces separate from other jewellery items. If you are fond of jewellery, you would surely be having a lot of jewellery items at your place. Doesn’t that pose a problem? To keep your beautiful necklaces untangled, you will have to keep them separated. 

For that, zipper bags will help you. You can use a towel for wrapping your jewellery in it and place it in a zipper bag. It will not only help you keep your necklaces in a safe place but also keep them separated from other jewellery pieces. 

Necklace spacers 

Necklace spacers have holes on each end. While flashy jewellery is loved by everyone, it’s also essential to store it safely and elegantly. Necklace spacers allow you to put every layer of the necklace in the hole and clasp it accordingly. How does it help? Well, this allows you to have some space between all the layers of your necklace. Again, it will be a helpful tip to save your necklace from getting tangled. 

Necklace spacers come in different varieties and shapes. Moreover, instead of investing in them, you can also make necklace spacers on your own. Think about a combination that will suit your style and different layers that will be good for your jewelry and keep your jewellery untangled. 

Cases for your jewellery 

The other option you have for your jewelry is to have a case for it. You loved the original case of your jewelry when you first bought it right? Well, why not keep your necklace in that case? Cases also have another convenience with them. Often while traveling, you will have to carry your favorite pendants with you. In such situations, cases can help you keep your necklace untangled and protected. 

Moreover, even if you don’t have the original case of the jewelry, you can create a case by yourself and use it to store your unique pendant designs! 

These are some of the tips for keeping your necklaces untangled. Pendants are a beautiful set of accessories that carry significance and meaning to the individual. For such valuable accessories it’s essential that you use means for keeping it untangled and safe. Apart from that, many other miscellaneous tips keep your necklaces untangled. You can use straws for both ends of your necklace and clasp them to save it from getting tangled. We spend time shopping on online jewellery stores, but forget to take care of our accessories. These tips will help you keep your necklaces untangled and safe for a long time. These tips are safe and they will ensure that your necklace doesn’t lose quality and its shine with time. So, now stop worrying about keeping your necklaces untangled and shiny throughout time!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.