Suits are a wardrobe staple that every man should own. Even if you don’t work in an office where wearing a suit is a mandatory dress code, you will need this at weddings, job interviews, funerals, or any other occasion. This elite ensemble piece possesses the power to make you look like a sartorial star. 

However, the sheer types of modern suits for men out there in the market could make you fall flat. While the suit realm is really vast, it isn’t hard to get through it. To step you into the world of this stylish ensemble, we have crafted a style guide that takes you to the list of the best basic designer suits for men.

Wedding suits

When picking a wedding suit for men, formality should be at the forefront of the mind. A three-piece suit that flatters your proportions is a versatile and best option for this occasion. If you have a doubt about colour, plain mid-grey could go with anything, while the navy is a versatile option and could complement any complexion.

Summer weddings are more comfortable with lightweight fabrics and lighter tones. Softer construction, less padding and canvas, in summer wool frescos, soft linen, and cotton in tan or light grey colour make a perfect summer wedding suit for men. If you are opting for a three-piece suit, always remember there is no place for a belt with a vest.

Summer suits

When it is scorching outside, but you have to attend a black-tie function or have a boardroom meeting the next day, there is also an option of designer suits for men coming in lighter fabrics. Summer suits are lighter, cut from porous fabrics such as linen or fine merino wool. Colours are pale and sun-reflecting that does not absorb warmer climes.

If you are confident enough to try, you can go for vibrant colours such as yellow or purple. Summer suits give you more opportunities to style differently. You are free to switch shirts with the vest and look glamorous, cool, and sophisticated with a hint of playfulness.

Wool suits

As opposed to their summer counterparts, wool suits are made from tightly woven woollen fabric that keeps you warm in colder climes. If you’re visiting colder countries or events taking place between October to February, woollen suits are your best friend. Woollen fabric is the best choice over linen suits, as it offers more warmth. Moreover, it is better than its polyester counterpart as it is a eco-friendlier choice.

If you are a serial suit wearer, your wardrobe should include one formal suit for men in a woollen material. It will not only save you from colder winter winds, but it will also bring admirable and appreciable style and sophistication.

Linen suits

Linen makes the best material for summer season suits. It is a rigid and porous fibre that keeps you cool and stylish. When it calls for a casual suit for men, linen could be a perfect material. Mind that linen is not only a summer suit material. It could be a perfect option in places where climates are warmer, regardless of the seasons.

Pick a suit in lighter and pastel colour, and it makes a perfect suit piece for summer. Pairing it with a t-shirt or even a tank top would give you a more comfortable styling and sophisticated look. However, you should tread with care when styling with tank tops, as it could quickly turn out to be a fashion disaster if personal hygiene is not taken care of.

Lounge suits

Lounge suits were considered a more formal version of morning suits. However, these notions have changed now. These days, a lounge suit is any single-breasted or double-breasted suit for men, in a two-piece or three-piece style, cut out from the same fabric. By this, lounge suit is nothing but simply an umbrella term for normal two or three-piece suits.

If you read a lounge suit on an invitation, rather than a cocktail attire, pick your office suit without giving it a second thought. Lounge suits are a more relaxed option. When choosing a lounge suit, make sure to keep the formality intact by picking them in more formal, darker tones, like navy, charcoal, or classic black.

Made-to-measure suits

Sure, you can get a great suit off-the-rack, but having a bespoke customised suit has a different charm altogether. A suit specifically tailored to match your silhouette looks exceptionally dashing and dapper. Unless you have a great model-sized physique, chances are your suit might be a little off to your unique stature.

That is when a made-to-measure suit comes into play. Made-to-measure generally means you pick a suit and get it tailored to make your best stature. It not only helps you acquire the finest ensemble customised to you, but it also saves a lot of money as custom-made suits cost more than ready-made. With these made-to-measure suits, you can get double the benefits of having custom-fitting suits at relatively reasonable prices.

Dinner suits

If you are going to attend a black-tie event, you will need a dinner suit, AKA a tuxedo suit for men. Traditionally, a dinner suit comes with a waistcoat and jetted pockets and lapels in a peak or shawl style. Lapels and pocket edges are often shimmering with satin or silk material. Notched lapels are considered less of a black tie.

When it comes to choosing a tuxedo, you are allowed to touch only darker colours. Midnight blue, navy or black are the most preferred colours. Pair it with a white dress shirt, patent leather loafers, and a pocket square if you like.


A pristine suit is a must-have thing in men’s wardrobes. It might be a little more expensive than any other clothing, but the stature it gives is worth the investment. A first-time suit buyer might have a hard time picking a decent casual or formal suit for men, as there are numerous varieties that may be overwhelming. The guide here was to help give a clear idea about suit types and help you pick the one that makes you look sharp and the best of you.

By Anurag Rathod

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