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A wedding is the most important event of your life, so you do not want to take any chances when choosing flowers for your wedding and become very particular about it. So, whether you are going to get married and need flowers for the same or a happy anniversary flower bouquet, these useful tips will help you choose flowers for all your special occasions.


Roses are symbols of purity and love. They are the most preferred choices, and most couples prefer roses for their weddings. There are a wide variety of color options available, and you can create a beautiful and unique bridal bouquet for your wedding day. You can either choose red colour to decorate your wedding venue or can choose different colors and types of roses to your bridal bouquet which is based on your color palette and your wedding theme. You can use rose as a showstopper of a bouquet or a centrepiece. 

Spray roses are the best additions to bouquets and the most sought-after option for bridal bouquets and decorating wedding venues.


They resemble closely to roses and are highly coveted wedding flowers. You will find peonies in happy anniversary flower bouquets. They are non-expensive flower option for the people who cannot afford roses. You can use peonies not only for bouquets, for the head table and for decorating the wedding venue. These flowers are high in demand and they are available in a short spring season from April to June. 


Dahlias are everyone’s favorite blooms. They come in different types of beautiful colors and wide array of sizes. There can be a wide variety and you can choose the one that matches to your wedding theme. These stunning blooms are available from midsummer through autumn. These flowers are commonly used for accents, they are available in different variety of colors and these flowers love cooler temperature. They bloom from February through May. 


Orchids have timeless beauty. They are pleasant looking and are exotic. This floral arrangement is the best one for your wedding. These flowers are symbol of beauty, refinement, luxury and love. You can use them for different types of floral arrangements and they are the best choices for the couples all across the world. These late season blooms can be one of the best options for decorating your wedding venue. You can make use of their different hues for the different purposes. 


If you want to add exotic, rich and fragrant-rich flowers to your wedding then Jasmine will be a great choice. These beautiful flowers are the best choices for purity, admiration, respect and purity. The best thing about using Jasmine is that they have a pleasant fragrance and smell awesome when they are full open. They are just the right choices for evening weddings. When they open fully, they release their perfume. 

You can pair jasmine with other types of flowers to add aesthetics to your bridal bouquets and beautify the wedding venue’s aesthetics. 


Anemones are available in black and white colors. These graphic flowers are the perfect beauty and the top choices for the people who prefer elegance. Anemones are amenable and they look the best in mono-fleur arrangement or can be mixed with the other flowers to accentuate the beauty of other flowers as well. However, if you plan to get married in summer season, you need to be a little more careful with anemones. They are delicate and sensitive to the hot temperature. You need to ask your florist to water-pick them when you are using in the summer time wedding. 

Anemones should be used for the weddings when you are getting wedded from August to May. 


Lilacs are one of the prettiest and sweetest-smelling flowers. Their drapey beauty can catch attention of anyone. If you want to create bouquet or want to use them for wedding decorating venues, you can use get the color of your choice. They are delicate and get wilted very easily; hence, you need to be careful with them. Once they begin to wilt, there is little chance of their reviving. They can be the best options if you are getting wedded in spring time. 

Sweet Peas: 

Very much like their name, everything is sweet about sweet peas. They have sweet smell and dainty stems. Moreover, their translucent petals are sweet as well. They are available in variegated colors and can add ethereal look to your wedding venue. A wedding bouquet of sweet peas made up of silk ribbon looks immensely beautiful. Sweet pea’s buds peak from April through June and can be used for springtime weddings. 

Bottom Line: 

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