Vitamin for growing teenagers

We all know how confusing and weird teenagers can be for an individual because we have all been there at some point or the other. Most teenagers fill up on junk food because they think they are too cool to eat healthy for whatever reason. But caring parents know and understand that this is not simply enough because they are not getting any vitamins and supplements from that junk food. 

With their bodies changing like never before, teens simply cannot avoid nutrition and maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to the CDC, empty calories from solid fats or added sugars contribute to 40% of daily calories for teenagers. This can adversely affect the quality of the overall diet of teenagers, and people need to change this as soon as possible. 

One effective way to begin that change is vitamins and supplements to suffice the nutrient requirement of teenagers. Therefore, stop thinking and rush to the nearest vitamin supplements store and get the necessary vitamins.

Are Vitamins And Supplements Safe For Teenagers?

This is a crucial question to ask, and the answer is yes! It is safe for teenagers to consume vitamins and supplements. Nonetheless, teenagers need to have a diet with variety, but that does not mean that vitamins are unsafe or unusual for teens. 

Some studies have been conducted on this very question. The result was that teenagers consuming vitamins and supplements are more likely to maintain better health than teenagers who do not consume vitamins and supplements. Further, this study showed many tangible benefits of weight and physical activity for teenagers consuming vitamins and supplements.    

But, Which Vitamins and Supplements are Essential For Teenagers?

It is no secret that a poor diet can leave a long-term effect on the lives of teenagers who have their whole life waiting for them. Therefore, here are a few essential vitamins and supplements to help teenagers lead a healthy life.

  • Vitamin D: Why do teens need Vitamin D? Well, for starters, Vitamin D helps absorb calcium which is vital for maintaining healthy bones and joints. But there are many more reasons teens need Vitamin D as it helps them maintain a healthy heart, enhance the immune system and even maintain good moods. 

An inadequate level of Vitamin D enhances the risk of catching flu and cold and results in mood imbalances among teens. Even though we can get Vitamin D from sufficient exposure to sunlight but as we all know, kids these days are barely going out to play, so it is better to add some Vitamin D supplements to their diet.

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is one of the essential nutrients for facilitating healthy growth and development. This mainly applies to the growth of bones which we all know is very important for growing teenagers. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that helps the body to maintain a healthy vision, immune system, and skin. 

In addition, Vitamin A is perfect for teenagers who are trying to deal with acne problems. Studies conducted by Linus Pauling Institute show that teenagers living in industrialized places tend to have lower levels of Vitamin A. Therefore, it is better to be on the safe side and take some Vitamin A supplements to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

  • Multivitamin: Teenagers who are reluctant or fussy about vitamin supplements can start with multivitamins as a single tablet can do wonders for the health of teenagers. Furthermore, as most children do not like swallowing regular pills, many manufacturers sell chewy pills with different flavors to consume them without much fuss. Nevertheless, one important thing to know here is that even vitamin supplement tablets for adults are excellent for teenagers. Therefore, there is no requirement to spend extra money on pills designed for teenagers.
  • Magnesium: One cannot stress enough about the importance of magnesium as it plays different vital roles in our bodies. For starters, magnesium helps our bodies to carry out DNA synthesis, produce energy, and facilitate seamless functioning of the muscles. In addition, magnesium helps the body use calcium, maintain healthy bones, and reduce muscle cramps, which can be great for growing teenagers. 

Teenagers consuming sufficient magnesium are less irritable and moody. So, if a teenager has issues with sleep or irritability, which is very common among teenagers can use some magnesium supplements for good.

  • Calcium: It is no news that calcium is vital for maintaining strong and healthy teeth and bones. Most of our bone developments occur during childhood and adolescence, making it very important for teenagers to consume the right amount of calcium. 

Weakened bones can lead to osteoporosis, which makes the bone very weak and susceptible to breaking easily. There are numerous sources of calcium in the food e consume, starting from milk, cheese, yogurt, fortified foods, orange juices, dark green leafy vegetables, and even soy milk. 

  • Iron: Iron is very important in keeping our blood healthy and enhancing the mass of our muscles. As teenagers are growing at a breakneck pace means that they need iron much more than adults. Especially teen girls who have started mensurating need iron supplements because mensuration results in iron loss from the body. Furthermore, it is a well-established fact that most women suffer from iron deficiency, so better go nearest vitamin store and get some iron supplements to ensure good heal of your teenage girls.
  • Zinc: As teenagers tend to groat at an enhanced pace, it makes them susceptible to suffer from zinc deficiency. This deficiency can lead to other problems such as slow physical growth and delay because zinc plays a crucial role in developing healthy male reproductive systems.

Bottom Line

The vitamins and the supplements mentioned above are essential for teenagers, mainly to support their sudden and enhanced growth. Therefore, ensuring the required intake of these vitamins can help teenagers lead a healthy life as they have their whole lives waiting ahead for them. 
In addition, today, getting access to vitamins and supplements count not have been easier with so many vitamin stores online are available without any hassle. Therefore, take care of your teenagers and provide them a healthy life for the bright future that lies ahead.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.