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Some excellent tips to avoid hair fall in monsoon season

Some excellent tips to avoid hair fall in monsoon season

As much as the monsoon season is soft to the heart, it is equally harsh on our hair and scalp, robbing it of natural moisture. As a result, your hair is left with fizziness, dandruff, and hair fall problem. However, this does not mean it can refrain you from enjoying the sky showers, flower blooms, and greenery elevation. We have some tips for you that will take extra care of your hair so you can avoid the bad sides of the monsoon. 

These precautions, doable home remedies, and hair care treatment mentioned here will help you reduce your hair fall and make you more confident to drench yourself in the first rain. So, let’s skip to the important part.

Tips to follow if you don’t want your hair to fall during monsoon

Every season has some downsides of its own; monsoons have a terrible hair health problem. However, there are ways to control it like:

  • After drenching in the rain, don’t forget to wash

When monsoon arrives, so does the stickiness and sweat. So, make sure to wash your hairs 2-3 times each week so your hairs and scalp get rid of the loaded pollutants. However, also keep in mind the delicate care needs of your hair and only use a mild shampoo with Nutri-lock actives. It will help your hairs remain smooth and induce less breakage. 

  • Conditioner is a must

A rich conditioner is the rescuer you are finding for your frizzy hair. So, after your rain shower, do not forget to apply conditioner to help your hairs return the lost strength, nourishment, and protection against hair fall. Also, remember after your application, rinse with cold water for an excellent shine. 

  • Cover your head 

Umbrellas are used not only in summer, but they are also beneficial during monsoon to cover your head against harsh rain and humidity. With its help, you can save your hair from the unfavorable effects of changing climates. So, do not forget to cover your head against harmful humidity. 

  • Follow holistic diet

Say absolute no to junk, especially at the time of hair fall, as it leads to hair thinning. Moreover, please cut down your caffeine intake as it dehydrates the body and results in hair fall. Also, add leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains to your diet for an enhanced result. But most importantly, don’t forget to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. 

Some home remedies that can do the job

It is not enough to take precautions. One must also run home remedies to heal the hair that has received damage already. The ingredients which we have mentioned below are cooling and cleansing and help calm the scalp and smoothen the hair:

  1. Coconut oil & camphor

An excellent home remedy to get rid of the daunting dandruff issues and fight infection is camphor. You can use both camphor tablets and oil for the purpose. It contains cooling properties that help the scalp get rid of itchiness and keep the infection caused by the monsoon at bay. 

  1. Mint & Lime Juice

This remedy contains two benefits because of its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. As a result, it helps in fighting the fungal infection you may have in your scalp. It works expertly for people with dandruff issues, and if you also have it, you must not take it lightly. Additionally, mint promotes blood flow in your scalp which further stimulates hair growth. 

  1. Honey & almond oil

If you are looking for a moisturizing agent, almond oil and honey can be the answer. This combination will help avoid dryness of the hair and return the smoothness of the hairs. In addition, it is a great option if your scalp gets exposed to pollution regularly, as the antibacterial properties contained in honey fight infection effectively. 

  1. Fuller’s earth and Aloe vera

Another excellent home remedy suggestion is fuller earth and aloe vera. Where fuller earth helps absorb the built-up dirt and impurities hidden in the scalp, aloe vera soothes the scalp effectively. You can even form a hair mask that will help remove the dead skin from the scalp and work as a great cleanser.

Salon treatment that you should not miss during monsoons

During monsoon season, hair needs extra TLC, so it can be a disaster if you miss salon treatment. So, make sure you don’t skip your hair days at the salon. It will mainly include the following:

  • Hair Spa: Make sure you book regular hair spa sessions through your hair salon app. It will help remove the dust, smoothen out your frizzy hair and rejuvenate the areas of damaged skin cells. 
  • Deep conditioning treatment: The deep conditioning process during the monsoon season will help maintain the moisture and nourishment of your hair and scalp.
  • Keratin Treatment: Going for a keratin treatment is also a good option to opt for during monsoons as it helps your hair get rid of the frizz for up to 2-3 months. However, make sure your stylist is using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after your keratin treatment. 


All the remedies mentioned above don’t directly solve your hair issues but are capable of returning the lost strength. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to control the hair fall, so one needs to be patient. Also, remember that it is necessary to carry calming and gentle hair care during monsoons to prevent your hair from getting damaged completely. So, make sure to follow them all.

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