Although the numbers of apps that offer cab services have shot up in the recent past in an unprecedented way, I hate to admit that not all of them are very user-friendly.  However, after I was done with my bout of cursing many apps for the kind of interface that they have, I got to thinking is it really easy to build an app that has to be used at such a massive level for so many different kinds of people? I realized, it’s easier said than done. Uber clone apps are possibly the most popular kind of apps in the market these days.

Everyone needs transportation and when there is an app to handle it, who would turn their backs on it? Not me, certainly.  This means that the user base of both drivers and customers is very wide ranged.

An app must cater to everyone that is using it. Unless the app is easy to use for both the Service Provider and the User, it can certainly not succeed. So, I put my cursing foul mood aside and decided to take a look at all the apps that were floating around offering taxi app solutions and how user friendly they were.

Here’s what I found in Uber Clone Apps:

  • While there has been a lot of attention given to GPS detailing of a location, more often than not, the actual location and the location pin on the map are quite different.
  • Booking a cab in most cases is quite simple but the process of cancellation can be quite painful. Worse is if you have been charged wrongfully and are looking at a refund. I know they say it has something to do with the technology part of it, but I am inclined to believe otherwise. It’s never fun to return the money, is it?
  • The best user interface in a taxi app is heavily dependent on the bandwidth. The better the quality of the map, the slower does your app get.
  • You can’t view the profile of your driver BEFORE you are allotted one. This means that you don’t have the freedom to choose your drivers based on previous user ratings.
  • Did you cancel the trip? Now, you’ve got to pay. There is no set time within which you can cancel the trip without getting charged a cancellation fee. Even if it isn’t your fault! And like I said earlier, the reimbursement is quite a painful thing to achieve!

Money Matters

  • I might have a few complaints from the way these uber clone apps work. But, I have become absolutely certain that there’s a lot of money in on demand taxi app. Wondering how? Here’s what my digging revealed:
  • The first and the foremost source of income is the commission levied on the drivers per trip. This commission can be a flat-out rate or set at a percentage of anything in between 5% to 20% (that’s hefty).
  • Bank accounts receive directly charged money. The rate of harvesting this money is 6 to 11.5 %. Sometimes this money is invested through various branches to make better returns.
  • The participation fee is charged when a driver is hired. This participation allows them to make their cabs available for use via the app’s platform.
  • Another beautiful way of making big bucks is to lease cars that are already owned by the platform to a host of drivers. They pay not only the leasing fee but also the commission which is standard applicable.
  • There are many drivers participating with the platform who wish to buy their own cars. These app platforms provide for a support/car loan at an interest rate which enables them to yield another channel of earning money.

The Business

The App based business is a very straightforward and transparent business. It is easy, doesn’t require too much effort from the app owner and works almost entirely in an automatic way. This means that you won’t really have to labor in order to make it a success.

Taking giant steps is not the wisest way to move ahead. It is best if we learn to start small and then grow with time. If you are planning to invest in a taxi application, make sure that this app is ready when you buy it.

Sometimes, some companies start building the app from scratch after the purchase has been made. That might be good in terms of step by step customization, however, if you are keen on starting the business in the fastest and easiest possible way, then you have to make sure that you purchase the uber clone apps from a company who has it ready. This will save you a considerable amount of time and will help you in starting revenue generation instantly.

The ideal way to kick-start a new business is to spend time on researching everything about the product first. Once you do that, you will know what to expect from the product and what all are you expected to do. Research also includes taking a demo of the application, because it will help you in making an informed decision about what to buy.

Now that I’ve been able to demarcate how many various ways there are to making a lot of money through an app based taxi business, I guess I’m in considering it for myself! I mean lots of companies these days offer uber clone apps that can be bought straight off the shelf and become live within 48 hours.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.