The economic crunch has hit a lot of people. The recession has taken its toll on large populations across the world. The worst hit ones are those countries that are already financially unstable but taxi business in Nigeria have managed to survive. Nigeria, In Africa, is one such country where people are suffering from the effects of mass poverty and looking for ways to survive and keep afloat. Whilst some have sold their land to make ends meet, there are others who are converting part of their homes into commercial outlets.

However, the car owners there have realized that they can make easy money simply by putting their vehicle to commercial use. In other words, converting their cars to taxis to earn their livelihood. Most of these drivers have had success while others are still struggling due to haphazard planning. However, with the advent of smart apps, these drivers have now not only got an opportunity to earn but also to become taxi business owners in their own right. User-friendly and easy to operate even the not so educated can use this app for their taxi business in Nigeria.

on demand taxi business in Nigeria

Is there scope for taxi business in Nigeria?

Of all the businesses that are possible in Nigeria, Taxi seems to be the most commercially viable and profitable one. This is primarily because the need for people to move from one place to another is never going to end. People are in constant need for a solution which will enable them move from one place to another at affordable prices.

The number of vehicles that people had in the yester years is much lesser than what we have today. Vehicles have liberated men. One doesn’t need any form of education and qualification in order to earn their bread today.

Taxi apps have made it possible for any individual to sign up in the apps and start offering their services as a driver. In fact, one doesn’t even need to have a car. Today, a person with a motorbike, scooter, or even bicycle can offer rides if the customer wants to take it. It is a cost effective option that goes a long way in helping people to reach where they want to at very minimum prices.

Start your Own Smart Taxi Business in Nigeria

There is no shortage of taxi drivers in Nigeria. However, to be successful as drivers they need a smart platform where riders will look for them rather than the other way round. As a taxi app owner, you can provide these drivers a platform whereby they register themselves, their vehicles and upload the relevant documents. You can vet each one carefully before confirming the registration such that you get the best drivers driving for you. This way you get maximum clientele.

The on demand taxi app has the added advantage that it looks for the shortest route possible and therefore makes it easy for the drivers to navigate through traffic and get their passengers to their destination on time. The biggest benefit of Taxi apps is that anyone needing taxi can simply beckon one just by tapping the app.

The apps operate in English but can also be customized to the local language where you want to launch it. So if you want an app in Hausa, Igbo, Tiv, Ididio or even Edo, you will definitely get one. This way you can target clients who do not speak English.

Giving your customers payment options

With the increase in the digital wave, many people are now moving towards cashless and digital forms of payment. Probably, this is the biggest reason why most mobile applications these days have the option of card or wallet payments apart from the cash option. This makes it extremely easy for people. It ensures that they don’t have to pull money out of their pockets after every ride. They can make a payment using their debit or credit cards. The information is put in just once and then every time the user chooses it, the payment is auto deducted from the card.

The other option is the in app wallet. This wallet works exclusively for the application itself. One can easily recharge or top up this wallet from their credit or debit cards and use this to carry out all transactions made on the app.

Reason for Success Taxi Business in Nigeria

The reason for the booming taxi industry in Nigeria is that there is an increasing rise in the use of smartphones. As more and more Nigerians are becoming tech savvy and embracing modern technology. These people also use their phones to access the Internet. It is therefore imperative that the concept of convenience becomes popular. That is exactly what smart taxi apps are doing.  You will be providing a quick, convenient and cashless taxi service to riders at short notice; a luxurious ride at non-luxury prices.

Modern technology and smartphones have made it possible for more people to download taxi apps and use for taxi bookings. Apps like Easy Taxi have already started becoming popular for the above reasons. These apps are easy to download, install, register onto and log in by all. They use on both iOS and Android platforms for mass user coverage.

On a final note, the on demand taxi business in Nigeria is set to maximize earning potential and increase earning opportunities for drivers as well as app owners.  Nigeria’s taxi business is set to boom and you definitely want to be part of it.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.