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When it comes to creating a new website through WordPress, there are several ways to make the process easier for you. One of these time and effort-saving approaches involves WordPress block patterns, through which you can create unique pages and posts with pre-designed layouts quickly and easily. 

So let’s discuss WordPress block patterns, the differences between patterns and blocks, the advantages of block patterns, how to create and share them, and how to use them.

What Are WordPress Block Patterns?

WordPress block patterns are ready-to-use, pre-designed block layouts. These groups of WordPress blocks allow any user, irrespective of their experience or training in coding, to create complex layouts by following just a few easy steps. 

Block patterns were one of the highlight features of WordPress 5.5 when it came out. It led to the WordPress block editor becoming one of the best comprehensive page builders around. They were meant to help WordPress development experts utilize different blends of blocks to create the best designs for their web pages.

WordPress block patterns can be anything from text columns, quotes, or image galleries, to pre-designed buttons, headers, etc. When it comes to block patterns, they might be something more complex, like detailed pricing columns.

From the WordPress development experts’ viewpoint, block patterns are collections of page elements with predefined settings. They are provided by WordPress Core, themes, and plugins. 

To use the block patterns, you will first have to install the Gutenberg plugin and activate it. But it’s much easier to use compared to custom blocks. However, if you are not sure about your skills regarding the process, you can just easily hire an expert WordPress developer for it. 

What Is The Difference Between Block & Pattern?

One of the most common queries among WordPress development beginners and experts after learning about block patterns is how they differ from the reusable blocks, which was one of the highlighting features of WordPress before block patterns were introduced in its version 5.5. 

Reusable blocks are also groups of blocks used together and inserted into the web pages to customize the features and appearance. 

The similarity between the two is that both of them let you insert pre-designed templates. But there is one big difference between them.

You can use block patterns to import the basic designs, but they will have to be customized on every instance, every time. On the other hand, when you use reusable blocks to import basic designs, every instance will be the same, and when you make changes to any one of them, they will apply to the other instances automatically. 

Suppose you have a unique format for adding quotes to your WordPress blogs or content. In that case, you would want to use the same block arrangement to maintain consistency. 

If every quote is different, you would naturally want to use block patterns to keep things unique and fresh. You can easily insert the block pattern to set up the basic formatting and add the different quote texts.

Now you might be looking to insert CTA or call-to-action at the end of all WordPress blogs or posts to attract people to join your mailer list. In that case, you would want to keep CTA the same on every instance, and you would want to have the ability to update it anytime you want. 

In that case, reusable blocks would be the suitable choice for you, as they will ensure every single CTA is the same. At the same time, if you make updates to the CTAs template, you will have to do it just once, and the changes will be made to the others automatically. 

What Are the Advantages of Block Patterns?

WordPress-based websites are usually created with the help of unique templates or site builders. But for that, you would either need extensive coding experience or hire an expert WordPress developer. On the other hand, block patterns are relatively new in the WordPress community. They can help both the WordPress development rookies and the experts. 

Here are a few advantages of using block patterns for your WordPress blogs and websites:

Developmental Speed

Even without an ounce of coding knowledge, you can create web pages with the help of block patterns incredibly quickly. Since the blocks are pre-designed and developed, you can pick the ones you fancy and arrange them however you want until you like how your web page looks. You can easily and extensively customize the page with block patterns quite easily. So you can have your site ready in a matter of days, sometimes even hours. 

Unique design

If you are looking to have your WordPress blogs or websites look unique amongst the crowd, block patterns might be the one for you. As mentioned before, the blocks are pre-designed and developed. So you can pick the ones you fancy and arrange them however you want until you like how your web page looks. Not only will it be according to your preferences, but it will also stand out amongst the crowd. 

Trustworthy Codebase

It’s quite natural if you don’t want to do coding for your website and still want it to be as robust as possible. You would want every page of your website to look impeccable on all kinds of devices. Most of these block patterns are created by dedicated and passionate developers who value their reputation. So you can rest easy on the trustworthiness of the codebase of your block pattern.


One of the most significant advantages of block patterns is that they are reusable. You can repurpose a block pattern for different websites through endless reusability and customizability. 

Creative Liberty

Another significant advantage of block patterns is the creative liberty they offer. If you build your website with a template, you will have to stick to certain boundaries, which can be a little frustrating. However, block patterns allow you to express yourself and create your website however you like. 

Effortless Theme Switching

Sometimes, you might want to change the theme of your website. But there is always a concern that you might lose all your layouts. However, with block patterns, you can switch the WordPress themes of your site as many times as possible. 

These advantages of block patterns might be enough to convince how beneficial they are to create a new WordPress website or update an existing one. To make the best out of all these advantages, hire an expert WordPress developer for your website. 

How to Use Block Patterns in WordPress?

You can access the registered block patterns on the WordPress dashboard by clicking “+” on the upper left corner of the WordPress Post/Page Editor screen.

After that, the Reusable, Blocks, and Patterns tab will be visible. You’ll be able to see the available block patterns from the Patterns tab. 

Lastly, you can add any block pattern to your website. 

How to Create and Share Your Own Block Patterns?

It’s understandable if you want to create your own WordPress block patterns and share them. With WordPress, you can easily create block patterns to use for your own websites or share them with other developers and users around the world. 

Visit the WordPress Pattern Directory and click on the “Create New Pattern” link. First, create a free WordPress account or sign in (if you already have an account), and then, you can easily reach the block pattern editor page. You can use this page by adding blocks to create new block patterns and edit the existing ones as well.

You can organize your layouts with blocks like the cover, group, gallery, etc. 

For the media blocks, you are free to use royalty-free images, which you can find through the WordPress media library.

Once you are pleased with your block pattern design, you can save the draft in the pattern directory. 

But make sure you have read the block pattern directory guidelines to ensure everything is up to the standards. 

My Patterns link will help you manage all the block patterns. You can view all the shared drafts and favorite patterns. My Patterns will also help you share the block pattern with other users. 

If you are just looking to create a block pattern for your own website, save the pattern as a draft and use it by copying the link on your website. 

For anyone confused about the process, it would be best to hire an expert WordPress developer to create your website.

Summary On Block Patterns

Block patterns are one of the best ways to create unique, feature-rich, and attractive websites. Now that you know what their advantages are and how you can use them try out block patterns for your websites as well. They can help create reusable, unique designs for your websites, enhance the developmental speed, and ensure creative liberty and effortless theme switching. 

Moreover, block patterns can help you develop more creative WordPress blogs effortlessly. You can also consider hiring an expert WordPress developer to ensure your website’s design and functionality are as good as possible.

By Anurag Rathod

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