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Getting a taxi was a hassle earlier until Uber came and made it uncomplicated offering luxury travel at an affordable price.

Uber has gained its monopoly in the transportation business. Running in 84 countries, covering 575+ cities across the globe.

There is no doubt, Uber has garnered entrepreneur’s attention keen on developing a similar profitable business model.

Business owners already running a taxi business looking to transform and scale up their businesses as well as budding startups can launch their own taxi-hailing business like Uber.

Gain huge profits by launching Uber Clone Business Model. The app assures to enables you to cater taxi booking and other transportation needs such as Parcel services, Delivery services (Groceries, food, etc.) offering you a platform to boost your revenue.

Invest In Uber Clone For Online Transportation Business

The Uber-like app is built on the latest scalable technology. Available on Android and IOS  platforms to increase your customer reach.

The users can avail taxi at any time, anywhere without any advanced booking needed. Just a few swaps on the app and the taxi arrives at the doorstep.

The Uber Clone Script has a dynamic and powerful dashboard that offers a “God’s Eye” view to the admin. This means the Admin can view the entire business activities such as confirmation, cancellation, ride status, feedback, ratings, payments, commission, payouts, profile management, drivers’ documents, and more from a single place. Additionally, the dashboard offers real-time analytics and reporting thus helping the business owners to improve when needed.

Uber Clone App is a 100% customized and readymade app solution. Since, it is a white-label Uber Clone script you can make changes in features, services, pricing, commission charges, themes, brand logo, and more without any technical help.

New Uber Clone App Features are available to make your online transportation business seamless to handle.

Uber Clone App Can Be Used For Different Types Of Transportation Business 

There has been a lot of competition in the taxi business. Thus, business owners looking for innovative ways in reaching out to the customers and increasing the user base. 

Uber Clone App can be used for a variety of transportation businesses other than taxi booking. This includes On-Demand Delivery Services. In this, you can provide multiple delivery services like:

  • Food delivery 
  • Grocery delivery
  • Pharmacy delivery
  • Parcel delivery
  • Airport / Shuttle services
  • Delivery Runner – Saves your customer’s time by taking care of their errands like grocery shopping, delivering the documents, getting the lunch pack, laptop bag from your customer’s house, and so on. Basically, it takes care of the pickup and drop-off chores for your customers.

New Uber Clone Features To Scale Up Your Transportation Business

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Safety checklist
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Ride cancelation
  • Face mask verification
  • OTP confirmation before starting the trip
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Taxi fare calculations – 2 methods
  • Graphical status of the rides
  • Corporate rides
  • KIOSK Booking App
  • Shop/Stop/Eat while riding
  • Multi-currency/languages
  • Block fraud riders/drivers
  • Book ride for others
  • Book ride now schedule later
  • Gender preferences
  • Handicap/Childcare preferences

Why Choose White-Label Uber Clone Business Model?

Developing an app like Uber is not a problem.

However, it will need a huge investment in building an Uber-like app right from scratch. Also, it will take up a lot many months in the process. And by the time your app launches there will be already 50 more in the market offering similar online transportation services.

So, ditch that thought and approach a Uber Clone App development company that is experienced in creating Taxi Despatch Software in an affordable package.

If you want to create an app like Uber for your transportation business, you can’t afford to take risks. You will need a high-level professional experienced app development team that takes care of the development and launches your app in minimum time.

In Conclusion

So, if you want to build an Uber-like app for your online transportation business, consider approaching a reputable Uber Clone App Development Company. 

The primary reason to choose a professional app development company in India is they have state-of-the-art infrastructure and an experienced team who dedicatedly works on every app project as its own.

Furthermore, the team will be always there to answer your questions, doubts regarding your Uber Clone App development. The company will be providing you with the live demo on both the platform for you to figure out the app mechanism.

Buying Uber Clone App customizable solutions that are white-labeled will allow you to make modifications without any technical assistance. Thus, you can practically launch your online transportation business in just 7 business days.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.