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Top Android App Development Trends to Look Out in 2021

Top Android App Development Trends to Look Out in 2021

The industry of mobile apps has completely evolved. With the new generation, come changes in user preferences, trends, and technology. These factors directly affect how the mobile app development industry functions. 

With new trends, comes creativity and whose creativity clicks with these trends, they see their apps setting the benchmark and making it standard. If you want to introduce your business with a mobile app, Android will be the most suitable choice. 

This blog will take you on a tour guide of observing and detecting the newest change in trends and technologies. So, let’s get down to business. 

It is essential for you to stand out amongst other competitors in the mobile app development industry. So, it is all the more necessary to know all about the ongoing trends in 2021. 

Following are the top most known and followed trends in 2021, 

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  2. Wearable Devices 
  3. Internet of Things 
  4. Chatbots 
  5. Cross-Platform App development 
  • AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are top android app development technologies that are widely used. Virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant and FaceApp are famous examples of AI. 

Now that organizations have a stronghold on machines, building AI models is much easier. It has increased usability by enabling AI models to carry out daily tasks that were, sometimes back, impossible to even think of. 

AI and ML have completely transformed the way things worked. Users are using these technologies on a daily basis without actually knowing it. These two technologies have secured the top place in the list of most trending android app development technologies. 

This constant usage of AI and ML has enhanced the ways in which the users’ behavior can be analyzed. 

AI is a whole new world in itself that apps are using to monitor the behavior of their users. For example, Netflix uses AI to analyze what the user likes so that the suggestions and recommendations the user gets are according to taste. 

Wearable Devices 

The use of wearable devices has majorly increased over a couple of years. You do not need to pick up your phone every time there’s a message or a call. It has increased flexibility. Users can now prioritize their tasks more easily. For example, by wearing a smartwatch, a user can know without picking up his phone if the incoming call is important enough to attend or not. The use of smartwatches, trackers, and exercise bands has vastly improved. 

Internet of Things 

Although the Internet of Things is not a new design in android app development but is utilized by many companies. Considering its rapid growth, a report suggested that the IoT market can reach up to $1.6 trillion in 2025. 

The IoT is growing the internet-connected device’s network by bringing users more power and ease. One of the great examples of IoT is the adoption of it in smart home applications. There are these apps that can be used to turn off your lights, change the color of lights, open and close the door, turn off the radiator, etc. Various things at home can be controlled just through your smartphone app. 


Chatbots are digital communicators but in a more human way. They guide the users and answer their questions. Over the years, chatbots have evolved to become smarter making the usage necessary for the user, therefore, their demands have increased greatly. 

Customers look forward to these chatbots as they know that they are going to get instant and accurate answers from them. So, if you have an online business like food delivery or online cab booking service, having chatbots will be really good for your business and it will save your customers’ as well as your time.

Cross-Platform App Development 

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of apps built for iOS as well as Android on a single codebase. This cross-platform app technology is becoming more and more successful with time and has been utilized by leading brands like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

This technology has tons of advantages like cost-effectiveness, fast changes, quick development, high usability, etc. 

Flutter is said to be ruling the cross-platform development applications with its Hot Reload feature and ease of learning. 

The smartphone apps that are built for cross-platform usually use software like, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, etc. 


Apart from these above 5 trends, there are a lot more that didn’t make it to the list. But you need to keep in mind that not every trend is going to help your business grow. 

The mobile development industry is evolving rapidly. In order to build an app with a goal to thrive in the industry, you have to have sufficient up-to-date knowledge about everything that is involved. 

You should not only just focus on the ongoing trend but have to think about the future possible changes that are going to take place. 

The industry is thriving and giving open opportunities to newbies. With the latest innovative technologies making it all the more easier and more interesting for you, this is the best time to adopt the newest changes. Don’t hesitate in becoming a part of groundbreaking mobile app development trends.

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