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Kids today are different from us. As kids, we’d just like to hold our mum’s skirts and trouble her with demands like “I want a giant scone or banana bread”. Today, kids as young as 2-year-olds know how to use a Smartphone. As we welcome the ease of new technology in our lives with every step towards a new version of something existing, we have to accept and come to terms with the fact that kids today need a newer medium of learning.

Chalkboards are fine, but little minds are more evolved today and therefore require more interactive ways of learning. Kids have shown a better response to visual learning aids and so, the introduction of something known as a smart class happened.

Schools started using technology to teach. Smart classes became one of an outstanding medium of education in mostly every country. Students of multiple schools were interacted together to share their knowledge. Even the subject teachers of a school was use to give lectures to the students of other schools. Not only the school of one city, the lectures were given to the students of multiple countries.

But the gap here was presented by the fact that although schools had the resources to create a smart learning environment, parents at home couldn’t offer the same thing.

The birth of educational apps

Educational apps entered the market and caught on real fast. As one student uses it and does better, others are immediately keen on trying it. Let’s face it; parents would practically do anything to ensure that their kid’s education is going absolutely proper.

However, on demand tutor app was a flop idea years before. But, as the time passed fresh mind came up and converted this future education plan a successful one. Parents are now considering these apps more helpful than finding tuition teachers manually. Kids can have different choices, they can decide what type of a tutor they want for their studies. Even parents can check all the details about the every tutor listed in the app, what are their education, etc.

These educational apps are of various kinds. Some can be like a “math homework help app” the others are an “on demand tutor” kinds. tutor on demand app can be such that kids can simply log on to the app and start learning or it can be such that it helps the parents in booking a session with a tutor who will come to their homes to teach their kids.

How do these tutor on demand app make money?

Like we discussed before, there are primarily 2 kinds of apps in the educational sector:

Apps that impart education directly

These apps are the ones that are in themselves with educational material. These apps are interactive, video-based or any other kinds where the child can log in and start learning from the given topics directly. tutor on demand app is mostly based on subscription models. Parents of the kids subscribe to these apps on a weekly or monthly basis which will constitute of either preset modules or choice of topics which will be cover during that time. The subscription fee is the earning model of the same.

Apps like these have their own database and these database have syllabus with different educational patterns. Video learning can make children understand more quickly. As many kids learn things rapidly through watching practical. Because practical have all the major and minor things which a book can’t explain with that much of ease.

Tutor on demand App

Tutor on demand is another model that an educational app can work on. Such apps enable users to book a session with a tutor through the app. Think of it just like an uber except for tutors. So the users can log into the app, choose the category in terms of subject and then subcategories in terms of topics.

These apps cover mostly every subjects including music as well as dancing classes. The tutors who register themselves on these apps go through very tough screening. After all, it’s about the children education. Parents can also drop requests for free meeting with the teacher so that their kids can decide easily. On the basis of this selection, the app displays a list of all the tutors in and around their area who are available for the job along with their rates.

The users can then make a booking. The earning on these apps happens through a commission that is charged on every booking made through the app. the commission is deducted directly at the source and does not need to be made by the user or the tutor to the app owner. The on-demand business model is quite a popular one these days. In case you wish to start your business without having much in-depth knowledge about the educational industry, then buying tutor on demand app is the best way to go.

Just hire best tutor of your area and register their profile on your app. As soon as any parent will place a request of any tutor, the request will be display on your admin panel. From there you can ask your selected tutor to accept or decline request and can even track his/her schedule. But make sure your tuition teachers do not decline the request of the customers without any reason. Or else, this can lead to many disadvantages in your business. Ask them only to decline if there schedule is filled for a whole day.

However, if it’s your start-up business, you can earn whole bunch of money and can expand the way you want. In every country, there are many cities where people are not aware of these apps so use this point as your advantage. Consider purchasing on-demand tutor app today and make your tuition business best in class.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.