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Everyone needs the assistance of a handyman from time to time. Sometimes it’s the leaky faucet, sometimes a broken shingle. The one who has the demand can easily know what he needs, but the one who wants to offer their services can often find themselves a little hassled. They are confused so as to what should their catalogue specify or how should they classify handyman jobs or their services. Before moving further, let’s take a look at the job description of a handyman. But first, you can learn more about some of the different services offered by repair professionals on websites such as https://www.OliveBranchApplianceRepair.com and other similar online resources.

Handyman manages the all the repair and hardware works for any organization or for any individual client. Most of the handymen provide their service individually and many has established handyman as their business. A handyman and his team bring their own tool to perform any task. They also give their own working hours and in those working hours, they guarantees to give results.

Handyman is job which is mostly required in every house in every season. Now people do not spend money on hiring plumber, electrician, etc. Handyman is now the first choice. This is because they provide many services and charge at normal rates.

Following is a list of all the services that a handyman can offer:

Drywall Services

This is probably the most commonly required handyman jobs. People all over the world find themselves in the need for repairing or maintaining their drywalls from time to time. You can offer this as an independent category of services which includes:

  • handling cracks from settling,
  • sealing the holes in your walls,
  • repairing general structural wear and tear,
  • Moisture damage in humid bathrooms.

You must ensure that you have an independent category that says “other services”.

Tile Installation and Repair

When the flooring of a house is changed or renewed, the services of a handyman are definitely required. There are a few sub categories in this as well. They are:

  • Installing ceramic tiles,
  • stone tiles,
  • porcelain tiles
  • Glass tiles.

You can keep different rates for every different kind of service that you are offering. And then there are different types of flooring options as well. Some are wooden planks and some others are based on PVC.


Attics have many different kinds of utility. By offering attic insulation services you can make your clients homes more energy efficient. As an expert handyman offer the best minor and major repair work and offer rates that are corresponding to the task at hand.


This is one area that will find a lot of requirements. The three basic kinds of handyman jobs involved in the bathroom segment are

  • Repairs
  • Improvements
  • Maintenance

Bathroom jobs are intricate in nature. They involve a lot of plumbing as well. So, make sure that you charge according to the complexity of the task. Upgradation and improvement have a standard rate, however, maintenance and repair can have different pricing.

Deck Work

The deck area of a house is often one of the focal points. This is why one has to ensure that they offer real expert level services when it comes to decking. Here too there are three major categories that you can offer services for:

  • Finishing
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

Sub services may include:

  • seal,
  • paint,
  • stain,
  • sand,
  • power wash,
  • fix or clean the deck

Window Installation and Repair

With time, common wear and tear reduces the efficiency of windows. Handymen make residential window installation and repairs to recover your house’s overall value. Once again, based on different kinds of windows the prices charged will be different.

Outdoor Home Installations and Maintenance

There are quite a few outdoor services too that people call handymen for. They are:

  • Fence
  • Siding repair
  • Interior stucco repair
  • Exterior stucco repair
  • Wood rot and dry rot
  • Fascia and soffit repair
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Professional Stucco repair
  • Gutter cleaning and repair

Eligibility Criteria

Currently, there is no eligibility criterion in this field. In many countries, there are no educational requirements for a handyman jobs. But there are few countries where high school diploma is a must to work at this position. Because doing similar work like handyman doesn’t mean that you became a handyman. For working as a proper handyman, an individual should have vocational training in multiple hardware works. Hardware work like small appliance repair, HVAC, electrician, welding, construction and irrigation & landscaping.

However, these criteria’s matters then only when a person is working under any institution or any organization. If working separately, nothing like education or eligibility criteria require. You are free to provide your handyman services all around the city.

Handyman job trend

Well, the job trend as a handyman has drastically increased within couple of years. Every year people require someone to help them out in making repairs of their household things. Due to the increase of these service demands, the handyman job trend has also increased.

Offering Handyman jobs or services online

The world is online today. Everyone wants to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily with the touch of a button of their smartphones. The nature of On Demand handyman services has changed dramatically in the last few years. People have switched to mobile application in a big way.

The on demand concept was brought about by Uber, which revolutionized the taxi industry. But today everyone from the service sector has become privy to how such an app can help them in multiple ways. So, now, instead of simply taxis, we now have Uber for handyman. A handyman too can now be hired using a mobile app. The user simply has to register and log onto the app and specify his or her requirements. A handyman will be matched by the app to provide the said services right at his or her door step!

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