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Life has become very different than it used to be a generation earlier. Our parents probably did not have to struggle too much to find someone to babysit us. There was always a grandparent willing to do it. If not, then a close next of kin would surely find the time. And if all else failed, the neighbourhood teens would be happy to do so for a small fee. But today, everyone is busy. All relatives have their own issues to deal with, grandparents have a busier social schedule than you and the neighbourhood teens are gallivanting into an arena of their own start-up or new business. The only way to hire babysitter these days is online.

But, how do you know that the babysitter you have chosen is the right one for your child? There are many things which matters a lot before choosing the correct babysitter. It does not matter whether a babysitter is experienced or not, he/she should be friendly to your kids. Should understand the requirements of the kids, their time of playing, studying and much more. If a babysitter is coming to your place for a full-time job then he/she should acknowledge your kid’s daily schedule. Believe it or not, these questions really matters when it comes to your children care.

Here’s a list of the most popular websites through which you can find reliable babysitters.


Urban sitter is probably the most popular nanny or babysitter on-demand kind of a service provider. The reason for its popularity is definitely the fact that it is more like a social networking site for parents. Here people can exchange opinions, give ratings and reviews about their experiences with the registered babysitters, based on which other parents can hire babysitter the right way.

For obvious reasons, people believe the opinions of someone they know. The social media format of this website and application makes hiring a babysitter a lot more reliable. Parents are comfortable in knowing that they have the reference of the sitter from someone they already know.

This app is extremely simple to use and will give all sorts of notifications about every event taking place through the app. When your babysitter accepts the job, when the task is started, when it is ended and when you make the payment, everything is on record in the app. the app also enables online transfers for easy payments.


Seeking sitter is online babysitter providing service website. From here you can find a full-time or a part-time babysitter. This website is helpful for both, a babysitter who is searching for job as well as the parent who is searching for a babysitter.

On this babysitting service providing website, you can customize your search through applying various filters options. You can pay online through multiple payment modes like credit card, debit card or through net banking. So, do not wait for things that you require today, just select what is better for you and your children.


Just as the name suggests, this app allows people to hire high quality and verified babysitters. This app is next level in every respect. All the caregivers in this application and website are carefully vetted with in-depth background checks.

The site uses the LexisNexis screening services. These are the exact same service that is used by the United States Department of Homeland Securities. You couldn’t get safer than this. It also enables parents to post reviews about their experience so that you can get first-hand information about your babysitter. The app works on a subscription model which has different options from weekly to yearly packages.


Care.com is a holistic web-based service that helps people hire:

  • babysitters
  • pet sitters
  • caregivers for the elderly
  • housekeepers
  • even tutors

The site has since grown in scope and services. This service allows one to create a profile for free. Then one can easily log in a look for nannies and babysitters. This service works on a subscription model.

The best feature of this web-based care service is that it helps in scheduling interviews and record phones between parent and caregiver for future reference of other parents.

Is it safe to use an app to hire babysitter?

Babysitters are very close and intimate professionals. You invite them inside your house and place the custody of your child for a period of time in their hands. Now, you have to be absolutely certain that the person you have hire babysitter is up to the task. You can’t call someone and expect them to be the best person to handle your children.

Babysitting is not a cup of tea for everyone, sometimes not even for the parents too. But babysitters are the experts who know what kind of children require what kind of attention. In early ages, people who used to work on remote locations have faced many difficulties in managing their kids. Earlier, people would leave their kids at their sister’s, brother’s or any other relative’s home where the children would always complain about being.

But as the time passed away, babysitting jobs came in trend. Now the numbers of babysitter’s has increased. Now, every parent can find a good babysitter quickly at their doorsteps through an on-demand babysitting app.

However, the Uber for babysitters kind of apps is essentially on demand babysitting apps that help people log in and quickly locate and hire babysitter and nannies to come and look after your child. These have a very careful monitoring and vetting process to make sure that people you hire are reliable ones.

The popularity of these apps has become so much that people are taking it up as a career opportunity as well. People are beginning to start their own business in the form of On Demand Babysitting app. These apps are available to be purchased off the shelf so that one can launch it straight away.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.