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The trend of today is online food delivery. We love to order food on our smart phones and collect them with a happy smile when we are hungry. There’s no need to go to the restaurant and wait for them to prepare the order.

Just place an order when you leave from work and by the time you reach home, so will your food. But sometimes, humour finds its way into the least expected places.

Here are a few stories of hilarious online food delivery experiences that you haven’t heard it before.

Ghost in the Night

Andrew Ping Shen was studying for his final exams when he got really hungry and saw that it was way past midnight. He thought taking a stroll outside would be a good idea and he could grab some food too. Too much studying can turn your brain into mush sometimes, so he left his apartment and started walking towards a diner close by. He saw a online food delivery driver approach him and stop.

The driver was apparently experiencing an irritable bowel syndrome and had to poop. But if he delivered his order late, the cancellation fee of the order would be deducted from his salary. So he begs Andrew to deliver the food parcel to a house close by. The Good Samaritan Andrew ran up to the address mentioned and delivered the order. Never had he been so surprised! He also went without eating that night. That might be his worst day with some good experience.

Hungry can’t Wait

Football is a very serious thing for a lot of people. Once, a group of friends watching a match ordered for a pizza. They paid online and for the pizza and then completely forgot that they did. One of the boys got a call from his wife who was having a baby. All of them rushed to the hospital, completely forgetting about their pizza.

When they got back home, they found that the Pizza delivery driver had left the box of pizza at their doorstep. On opening the box, they found that the Pizza was half eaten. There was a note sticking out from the box that said, “Sorry but I was so hungry and I waited too long”.

App Disorder

Restaurant delivery apps have a way of complicating things. The menus are overly complicated and just about everything sounds delicious. A user once got totally confused when he ordered sushi from a “MAKE YOUR OWN SUSHI” kind of a restaurant. He was excited that he had found a place that offered Vegan Sashimi. So he went ahead and ordered it and started waiting gladly for it. The Food delivery driver arrived shortly with some rice and nori sheets and said, “The instructions are in the box”. The customer opened the box to find a sheet that said, “Enjoy as you please.”

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

A guy called a restaurant and ordered a pizza. The restaurant accepted the order but called to cancel it after half an hour. The disgruntled customer got so frustrated that he decided to quit his job and invest in a GrubHub clone app so that no one else ever has to face such issues. The irony is, his business flourished quite well in that area, but he refused to allow that restaurant to offer their food on his app that had cancelled his order. So much for revenge!

On a Serious Note on Online food delivery

The food delivery application business is thriving like never before these days. Everyone appreciates the convenience of being able to click a few buttons on their smart phones and getting the items of their choice delivered right to their doorstep. As a lot of people are getting on the Smart Food consumer bandwagon, many are hoping he entrepreneurial train as well.

Customer finds more simple to order food from these food delivery apps as their menu are very simple to understand. If you go to any restaurant or hotel, you will find images of the food mentioned in their menu. At the same time, if you go through any food delivery app, you can easily find out which food dish is mentioned in the list.

For app owners, it is easy to make a good looking menu at very low cost or if the developer is from the family or friends, then no charges. This much complex free work in an app can let app owner maintain it easily for long-term.

Even if any updates arrives i.e. if any new restaurant or hotel comes for partnership, their food menu can easily be a part of a food delivery app. For customers, there is no pressure to decide what to eat what not to. Every individual can take their time to decide.

On Demand Food Delivery App Business

Well, a start-up of a business of online food delivery app should take place locally. Further, it should be taken to another step. Because launching it on the local stage will give a whole scenario of the market. What are the advantages and disadvantages? What type of customers prefers online food ordering app and what not? This much information can let you expand rapidly in your business covering the more geographical area.

The food delivery app business works in a very seamless fashion. A onetime investment by the user will get him a lifetime of income. This happens because independent restaurants and independent drivers can register themselves in the app to offer their services. The app owner essentially doesn’t need to do anything apart from putting in their money once. Every time something is ordered through the app, the app owner ends up making a pre-decided commission amount. Many food delivery apps are making millions today. The youth is not just focused on eating anymore; it is now even more interested to satisfy its entrepreneurial hunger.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.