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Top Link Building Strategies For Businesses

Top Link Building Strategies For Businesses

The way many businesses function today is entirely different from what it was in previous years. People in the modern age spend most of their days on their technical devices, making them an essential part of their everyday lives. Following the increased usage of tech devices, marketersnow prefer digital mediumsto grab their consumers’attention, making digital marketing a trending marketing approach.

Digital marketing refers to all marketing efforts that utilize technology and the internet to lure users into buying their products. Digital marketing continues to evolve with time as marketers are creative with their online marketing techniques and bring forward different strategies. Link building is an essential digital marketing tool, which may not be a new phenomenon, but it is still very relevant. Effective use of link-building strategies can change the marketing game and put a company ahead of its competitors.

However, search engines consider several factors while displayingsearch engine results page (SERP) results. Link building is an important aspect of consideration.

Link Building

The landscape of link building is continually evolving, but it continues to be an essential SEO aspect. Link building involves all the steps of acquiring links from another website to yours and using it as a tool for navigating users towards your website. SEO algorithms use links to crawl the web, and links on the websites make them crawl to other pages. The process is not as simple as hyperlinking text. Perhaps, providing a quality link is a challenging task as search engine algorithms nowanalyze several other aspects too.

Internal linking on webpages tells search engines that your website is high-quality and reliable. Besides, the web pages that marketers use for link building determine how high their website will rank, which plays an active part in enhancing its visibility and reach. Marketers try many techniques to build linksto remain vigilant in providing high-quality links. The following are some of the link building strategies which will help companies in ranking their websites high:

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging refers to the act of writing blogs and publishing themon different websites that have relatively large views and traffic. Unique and informative contentis one of the essential factors that drive users towards a website. An effective strategy is to ensure that you post blogs on reliable and authentic websites. It will help you rank higher in search engines.

Guest blogging can improve your SEO score and help you reach a larger audience. It is best to check backlinks while doing internal linking to ensure that thepresence of high-quality links in the blog. Another way is to write testimonials for the services you have availed of and hyperlink your website to it.

2. Creating Infographics

Experts say that infographics are the most shared content on the Internet and generally see high engagements from users. Users pay attention to catchy images that give important information using vivid colors and strokes and provide important information through infographics. The combination of visuals and textgrabs attention, and visually appealing infographics containing important information in bullets can go viral.

Infographics can generate organic traffic to your blog and earn quality links. Data, statistics, research findings can easily find their place in infographics. You can put the information in visually appealing images to build links.

3. Use Social Media

Social media users are rising day by day, and websites using social media can enhance their reach. It boosts their brand’s visibility. Social media platforms are ideal as they have a broader audience and are cost-effective. Social media can be a massive boon for link building and may expose your brand to a vast array of people. Active brand participation on social media can boost brand engagement and improve their link profiles resulting in its visibility.

4. Leverage Broken links

As the name implies, broken links are the dead links that are no longer in use, and leveraging them can help brands drive significant traffic to their website. The strategy is to find links that are either dead or broken. You can request website owners to replace the dead links with your website’s URL. The chances are that website owners will be happy to replace the dead links with an active website’s link. The strategy will be equally beneficial for them. Another important aspect is to fix your broken links by running an audit. Once you have pinpointed your broken links, you can now easily redirect the broken link’s destination to a new address.

5. Keep an Eye on Competitors

Brands do not run websites in a vacuum, and many have intense competition. Peeking into competitors’ websites frequently helps you determine your place in the market and give you an idea about your competitors’ SEO strategies. Several link-building tools help in analyzing competitors’ websites and expose you to their link-building techniques. You can apply similar strategies to your websites and use them to garnering more traffic to your website. The ley is to peel into competitors’ websites and evaluate their techniques. However, applying the same links on the exact phrases may bounce back and blacklist your website.

6. Link Round-ups

Networking has proven to be an effective win-win strategy as it benefits both parties. Many website owners feel selfish and only link their previous webpages. Search engines do not appreciate such practice, and it can affect your ranking negatively. Networking helps in link roundups, and you can link your fellow bloggers and show them some appreciation.

7. Track your Backlinks

Many website owners invest time in link building and conduct extensive research while devising link-building strategies but generally forget about them once they have done so. You may not realize while some of your links might be unavailable after some time, and you may need to build new links. Frequent tracking of backlinks is crucial for an effective SEO strategy.


SEO is one of the topic trending digital marketing strategies of the current era. It determines the ranking of a website, which is crucial to garnering traffic. Link building is an essential element of SEO. High-quality link building helps websites rank higher and land on the first page of search results. Users often do not bother about the back pages of search results and consider websites displayed on the initial pages. Marketers need to up their game and are innovative with their link-building strategies to enhance their website’s visibility. Considering your target audience, keeping an eye on competitors helps develop link-building techniques and can help marketers attract more users.

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