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Did you know you can help people to subscribe when they visit your channel?

And do not bother. If someone is now a subscriber to your channel, they will notice your channel like normal without the subscribe buttonverification message when they click this link.

The Two Ways of Making People to Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel Instantly

There are two main ways you can use to achieve this aim of getting people to subscribe to your channel direct:

  1. A YouTube Subscribe link you can use everywhere, comprising social media sites and messaging tools.
  2. With a YouTube Subscribe button, you can use any place to set JavaScript, such as your website.

How to Make Your Own YouTube Subscribe Link

YouTube has a point where you can join the ?sub_confirmation=1 aspect to your YouTube channel URL.

Again, this is ideal for combining your YouTube channel from social media or a different place where you can not include code for a relevant subscribe button.

There are two kinds of channels on YouTube:

  1. Channel Channels
  2. Users Channels

In practice, there is no vital distinction between these kinds of channels. They each use a somewhat complex URL structure.

How to Build a Subscribe Link if Your YouTube Channel is Listed as a Channel

You can show your channel uses the channel formation by visiting your channel and perceiving whether it has the word channel in the location bar.

How to Build a Subscribe Link if Your YouTube Channel is Listed as a User

Some more former channels are still set up as users rather than means. You can show your channel uses the user formation by visiting your channel and perceiving whether it has the term user in the address bar.

How to Create Your Own YouTube Subscribe Button

All right, here is the enjoyable part. YouTube provides you a means to set subscribe buttons right into your website.

And here is the embedded robust HTML code you would join to your blog. This code will send Google’s platform.js JavaScript books to give the button and your popular subscriber count dynamically.

You can set this code. Be sure to replace <YOUR CHANNEL ID> with the channel ID you view when you visit your page.

If you have an own YouTube channel URL, such as, you may be apt to use that as your channel ID, but you see it more secure to use the entire channel 24-character ID.

How to Personalize Your YouTube Subscribe Button

There are two other means you can personalize your subscribe button.

How to Give Your Channel Name and Logo in your Subscribe Button

You can edit the data-layout to be both default or complete, which will give your channel name and icon.

Here is what this seems like when you set data layout= default

You can also set the theme to dark mode with data theme=dark.

And you can hide your subscriber count fully with data sum=hidden. If you only have some subscribers, you may need to hide this for some months while making up a thousand subscribers or more to evade negative social data.

Why I Suggest YouTube Subscribe Links Rather of YouTube Subscribe Buttons

There are many grounds why I suggest using the linkway instead of these powerful buttons.

  1. Ad blockers, firewalls, and browser plugins may prevent the button from precisely or from running accurately. This button does include pulling a JavaScript file from Google’s CDNs, which implies it won’t let in China, for instance, where Google is now blocked.
  2. It is tough to manage these buttons’ styling, and they may end up seeing bad on a mobile device.
  3. These buttons may lead to convenience problems. On the other hand, the link is just a link and is simple for people to use in screen users or other beneficial tools.

But Google does help these YouTube subscribe buttons, so it is up to you whether you need to use them.

A YouTube Subscribe Button Personalized Tool

Google has an accurate tool for customizing these YouTube subscribe buttons. You can obtain it here. Note that you will still require to get the HTML of the page you need to set these buttons into.


Thanks for viewing this guide, and I hope it has served you know how these YouTube subscribe button and links act and how you can utilize them to get more folks to subscribe to your channel.

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