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Tooth Extractions What You Need To Know

Tooth Extractions What You Need To Know

We all usually take good care of our oral health to avert any serious damage. But sometimes even the best efforts can fail you and your hygiene. As a result, you are only left with 1 option; tooth extraction recommended by the dentist.

Today, we are here to share with you everything you need to know about tooth extraction. Usually, dentists opt for this option if there is no way left to save the teeth. Or else it would only lead to further oral health concerns.

If you require a trusted dentist, check out NQ Surgical Dentistry. Tooth extraction refers to a dental process that involves the removal of a tooth. It can be 1 or more teeth with irreparable damage.

Let’s take a deeper look at things relevant to teeth extractions.

What Are the Reasons That People Have Teeth Extracted?

Teeth extraction can be the last option for a dentist to opt for. Usually, it happens if the damage is too severe and there is no way to repair it. A few more common reasons why people have teeth extracted are below listed.


This is a common phenomenon requiring the removal of 1 or more teeth. It’s done to make some room for the rest of the teeth to grow without any overcrowding.

It happens to many that some teeth take more space than normal. As a result, the remaining teeth can’t grow properly so dentists suggest extraction. Such wide teeth are then removed to create enough room for the rest.

Damaged and Decayed:

Despite being careful teeth can be either decayed or damaged. Hence the ultimate option left behind is to get rid of it completely. In such a case, the dentist either uses an implant or a bridge to fill the gap of missing tooth/teeth.

Need Replacing:

Another cause of extraction is a broken or chipped tooth. The phenomenon occurs to such an extent that dentists can’t repair it. So the only left option is removal and replacement with an implant/bridge.

Wisdom Teeth:

Generally, between the ages of 17 to 24, wisdom teeth can appear. Some people have buds that allow wisdom teeth to grow whereas others don’t. They may have buds for 4 wisdom teeth, 1 behind each molar in the back.

Now, those with no buds will face some real issues. The teeth may come crooked, impact other teeth. Or the worst case, it may cause severe pain, swelling, and uneasiness. So the last resort left in hands of dentists is extraction.

Types of Tooth Extractions

There are 2 basic types of tooth extractions that you can get done. Here are those:

Simple Extraction:

The teeth visible within the mouth are removed via simple extractions. This is a pretty straightforward process done in the dentist’s office. Once the teeth/tooth gets removed, you are free to leave as soon as the bleeding stops. The tool used for the procedure generally is a dental forceps only.

Surgical Extraction:

If a tooth/teeth are not accessible inside the mouth easily. Then dentists go for surgical extractions to get rid of them. A general anesthetic is usually used for these procedures. As it sometimes involves the extraction of impacted teeth like wisdom teeth.

Due to still being in the gum the procedure requires to be done at a specialized clinic. Whereas some professional dentists can perform the procedure at their own clinics. Also, for surgical extractions, the dentist would rather suggest a surgical specialist.

What Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

If you are up for a simple extraction, it would cost you around $75 to $300 on average. Whereas, for the whole surgical extraction the cost starts from $150 and goes to $650.


Wrapping it all up, it is better to take proper care of your oral health. By following a daily routine you can keep your teeth clean and safe from any damage.

In case, you end up with severe damage and no other option to recover from the loss. You can always consult the dentist and get a teeth extraction done as soon as possible. So the chances of any further damage immediately halt.

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