pukhraj stones

Pukhraj is one of the most effective and essential stones available to people. Whether you are suffering from any illness or lacking proper financial sources, wearing this stone is believed to help your get out of your troubles. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that the nine planets play a crucial role in one’s life. therefore, if you are suffering from the bad effects of a particular planet then wearing certain stones might help in tackling the negative effects. Picking the right Pukhraj online can help in bringing luck and prosperity into your life.

Consult an astrologer

Also, known as the yellow sapphire, the pukhraj should be worn only after consulting a certified astrologer. Such people study the effects of planets on people’s lives and after careful consultation offer the remedial stones. The astrologer will also advice you on the right weight and size of the stone that will offer the correct remedy. However, it should be kept in mind that only original stones can offer the right solution. You can have to purchase the stone from a certified gemstone store which will offer your certified stones.

Wear certified stones only

The pukhraj stone is governed by Jupiter. It is available in various shades of yellow. It is an expensive stone which should be bought only after careful consideration of the cut, colour, lustre and clarity. These features are very important in deciding the price of the stone. People suffering from financial problems and struggle in succeeding in life need to wear this stone. The yellow sapphire is important to people who need fame and fortune. If you are chasing power and wealth or even good health then this is the perfect stone for you. You can also increase your spiritual wealth by wearing the yellow pukhraj. But this stone is an expensive one. The certified pukhraj stone price is quite high and you need to be absolutely sure of its originality before buying one. Before buying a yellow sapphire, ensure that it is untreated, unheated and has occurred naturally. Such stones are best suited for astrological purposes. Such information can only be availed from an original seller. Therefore, it is best to buy from certified stores and get the stone checked by a gemmologist before actually wearing the same.

Pick one online

Nowadays you do not have to go to a gemstone store to purchase a stone. You can pick a certified one from online stores as well. You can compare the prices online and choose one according to your requirement. When placing it into a ring, make sure that the stone touches the skin of your finger. The pukhraj stone ring should be worn on Thursday, preferably in the morning after purifying it. You can wash it with holy water to energise it thoroughly. Ensure that the stone you are wearing is without any cracks or spots. Prevent the accumulation of dirt and deposits on the stone as it will weaken the effects of the stone. 

By Anurag Rathod

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