Supercharge Ecommerce Lead Generations

Picture this, you’re the proud owner of a growing online retailer.  Despite the many challenges that the pandemic has posed to lives over the last 18 months, the silver lining may be the substantial growth in the ecommerce marketplace.  It’s a foregone conclusion that your business should be on a growth-rocketship to the stars……or so you thought.  

When you evaluate your business you see an underperforming site, poor lead generation, and decreased conversions.  How can this be possible, you say?  Ironically, if you were paying close enough attention, your developers, marketing team, and clients were all telling you. 

So what are the issues and how can you supercharge your ecommerce platform and increase conversions with Gatsby’s Dynamic Site Generator?

Gatsby’s Dynamic Site Generator Helps Developers

Your developers have been quietly complaining to you about your existing Shopify site for the better part of a year.  The site is underperforming and your current platform doesn’t have the functionality or flexibility to make the necessary changes.  Any changes that can be made are cumbersome and clog up your developers’ workflow.  

The development requires a level of technical proficiency that most marketing teams do not possess, which adds a significant amount of work to your tech team’s plate.  And, most importantly, your clients are having a poor user experience that has been reflected in high bounce rates, low conversions, and a decrease in return visits.  

Fortunately for you, we already have your solution. Gatsby’s Dynamic Site Generator gives you the tools and technology you need to set your team up for success and increase conversion, while also improving user experience.  

Through Gatsby’s Dynamic Site Generator all of the page content is compiled ahead of time and stored on a CDN (content delivery network), making it instantly available. This directly translates to a better performing site.  This architecture also lets you scale quickly and without capacity issues, which will be crucial in managing the increased traffic that your site will see.

Why Developers Prefer Gatsby

Your developers love the Gatsby architecture. It works with your current tech stack and CMS, so they can still use the tools they know and like. In fact, the combination of tools and tech gives developers more time to work on code and less time maintaining and optimizing it in production. They also love how flexible and feature-rich it is. 

Your devs can easily add interactive functionality by leveraging the 2500+ Gatsby plugins, or utilize the massive ecosystem of themes and starters to build out new pages. And they love the security that comes with Gatsby. Since Gatsby operates through serverless rendering that generates static HTML at build time, there is no server and no reachable database for malicious requests, DDOS attacks, or accidental exposure. A Gatsby site has an attack surface that is virtually nonexistent.

Content Marketers Using Gatsby 

Your content marketers are on-board with Gatsby as well. Development and content creation are easy enough to allow your marketers to create and publish content without involving the development team.  Not only does this cut down on time and resource utilization, but your marketing team is able to create a customized, targeted, and branded look and feel that truly represents your business.  

Additionally, because of how Gatsby Cloud dynamically generates sites with build previews, incremental builds, and instant deploys, all of this content is instantly pushed out, generated, and immediately accessible/searchable for your clients.

Gatsby Dynamic Site Generator Leads to Higher Conversions

Migrating to Gatsby and its Dynamic Site Generator also directly translates to higher conversions amongst your users. Fast site speeds mean that your visitors are less likely to bounce. And the site’s customized, branded look has led to a more compelling site experience, an increase in first time user conversions, as well as a growth in repeat purchasers.  

As your marketers have said, the best way to generate more leads is to make your existing channels convert better, so you can afford to spend more money on them. Increased conversion rates equates to more revenue that can be directed towards lead generation, creating a self reinforcing cycle.

In 2018 Novvum, a LA based software development company, began working with Jaxxon, a mens jewelry brand, to migrate their existing Shopify site over to Gatsby. Almost a soon as the new site launched they saw their conversion rate double. Trevor Heath, the Lead Developer from Novvum, also reported that the bounce rate dropped from nearly 50% to around 12%.  

Additionally, the new architecture made it far easier and faster for Jaxxon and Novvum to collaborate in building and deploying content and updates that reinforced Jaxxon’s brand.  Novvum has continued to work with Jaxxon since the initial deployment of their new site, and has seen the long-term results of their work as Jaxxon has grown several times over and is truly a significant player in their ecommerce space.  


So the secret is out. Gatsby’s Dynamic Site Generator is the key to supercharging your conversions and ensuring that your ecommerce platform represents your brand and gives your users the type of experience they deserve. Partnering with software development firms, like Novvum, to migrate your site over to a Gatsby architecture may be exactly what your brand needs to thrive instead of survive.   

Author Bio from Andy Zimmer:

Andy Zimmer is the Director of Client Services for Novvum, a full-stack software design and development studio. Andy came to the tech world by way of the sales and marketing world, and found a home at Novvum based on a shared obsession with solving creative problems. In his free time he can usually be found wherever live music is playing, or living and dying with the success of his alma mater’s football team (the University of Michigan Wolverines)- Go Blue!

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