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B2B or Business to business lead generation identifies ideal customers for a product or service and then develops strategies to attract them to make sales. To increase B2B sales, the sales/marketing teams outline a strong lead generation strategy to turn prospects into paying customers.

The first step of the B2B lead generation process involves finding the contact data of potential customers. Based on the list, companies reach out to the high-quality leads and measure which leads are likely to buy and close deals with the highest pedigree.

Effective lead generation strategy enables you to turn casual traffic into loyal customers. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for B2B sales and marketing teams and fundamental for the success of a business. There are generally two types of B2B leads.

Marketing-qualified leads or MQL refers to a lead with a greater probability of becoming a customer than other leads. You can convey MQL through closed-loop reporting. Sales-qualified leads or SQLs are those MQLs that progress further through the sales funnel, and the lead is now a potential customer. 

You can outsource your lead generation strategy to top B2B lead generation companies. For improved productivity and profitability of your B2B business, you need to optimize your lead pipeline. These companies will enable you to stay on top of your lead generation strategy. 

However, choosing the right B2B lead generation company can be daunting. Here are eight things to consider to make the right choice.

Assess Data Quality

You need to develop a proactive approach to assess if the received leads will be helpful for your business:

  1. Consider the capability of the company to generate valuable leads instead of creating a massive hike in charges that do not match your criteria.
  2. You can ask them to elaborate on the strategy they use to source out the leads.
  3. They should tailor lead data to potential clients and screen the lead quality before it reaches them.


B2B approach differs from the B2C lead generation strategy. First, ensure that the company has the experience to handle lead generation for your niche. Review their work portfolio and analyze the previous reports to determine that the company can generate quality leads and cater to your needs. Lead generation providers fall under two categories. Major account lead generation agency provide complex-sale B2B solutions.

They have long sales cycles and multiple decision-makers. Small sale leads generation companies to help to identify potential customers for smaller purchases. They have shorter sales cycles and simple decision-making processes. Based on your business prospects, choose a suitable and experienced company for your business.


The key to choosing the best lead generation company is to find out how they can tailor their services for your business. You can either choose a full-service or stand-alone package based on the capability of your in-house team. You can also look for additional services such as lead management and lead nurturing. 

Stages That They Will Cover

A good B2B lead generation company will specify if they can align practices to your customer acquisition strategy:

  1. The company should closely work with your business to identify which part of the sales cycle they’ll handle.
  2. They should list out the steps they will take to maximize conversions from one stage to another.
  3. You need to carefully scrutinize the lead sources to ensure that they will help you gain quality leads.

Lead Qualification System

The lead generation company should integrate your lead qualification system into its process. They need to identify if the prospect fits your ideal customer profile (ICP) and have a chance of becoming a long-term customer. The company needs to consider your buyer personas, MQLs, SQLs definitions, lead scoring model, and list segmentation. 

Tools And Technologies

Enquire the tools and technologies they have in place to leverage the lead generation process. They should make use of business intelligence tools to manage, automate, and optimize lead generation strategies. For example, they can use analytics and reporting tools, marketing automation platform, CRM tool, email automation, call tracking, SEO and CRO tools, and SEM analytics.

Conversion Rates Of Clients

After you invest in a lead generation agency, you should ensure that they help you generate the maximum investment rate. They should offer services to fulfill multiple various marketing goals for better customer satisfaction rates. They make a realistic approach to provide an optimum conversion rate. 

Guarantees And Terms Of Service

Enunciate your expectations, and ensure that they can fulfill them. Ensure that they maintain transparency and communicate about the progress, outcomes, and obstacles at each stage. They should be open to feedback to be successful with your project. They can give a result guarantee instead of providing vague statements. Review the service terms and conditions to determine if they can develop a compatible, holistic, and long-term relationship with you.

To Conclude:

These are some of the essential factors you need to consider to choose the right B2B lead generation company. It will enable your entire funnel to run smoothly by gauging interest and score leads to identify potential new customers effectively. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.