Lead Generation

#1 Link Your Bio To A Targeted Page

To capture Instagram leads, you want to ensure that your Instagram profile is correctly formatted and brand or business ready.

Your profile on the platform should cover all the essential details. Pick a good profile picture, give a captivating bio that clearly explains what you do, who you are, and why the audience needs to take care of your brand or business. You need to insert action buttons and clickable URLs properly for easy use.

A clickable link in your bio is a trump card to collect leads. Give your bio with a CTA or value-added statement to click the link in your profile bio. The clickable link wants to point directly to the targeted page for your opt-in, sign up, or any offers you have. You need to produce a form on your targeted page to collect the lead information.

#2 Mention CTA In Your Feed Posts On Instagram

It’s always perfect for making exciting content in your Instagram feed that gets a vast audience to that clickable link. 

Many users post about their new launches and encourage their audience to catch it via their clickable link in profile bio. This CTA is practical and straightforward because it brings enormous traffic to their websites.

There are various ways to use the clickable link in your profile to grab the leads, based on maintaining your website and lead-capturing actions. Encourage your active audience to share your feed post to their Instagram stories if you want to grab high reach your feed post with CTA.

#3 Hack Action Buttons On Instagram

The platform knows that businesses or brands need to connect with their targeted audience, and Instagram provides a one-click action button function on Instagram business profiles. There are three buttons in your profile. The options on the default button are Text, Email, Directions, or Call. 

Directions are not a perfect option, and Email is also not a good move for lead generation. Email option is ideal for immediate conversion. You can then use the text option to set the number for the audience to give a phrase or keyword. Edit your profile on Instagram and choose the contact option. Then, click on the Phone Number and tap the Text button before providing a 5-digit code.

#4 Spread Your Instagram Stories

One major thing that people think of Instagram Stories to generate leads is using the swipe up automatic link to drive vast viewers to a particular link they click.

For instance, if you are a fitness trainer, you can use the swipe up automatic link in your Instagram stories. It encourages the audience to sign up for your free fitness session, getting more people watch your videos. This also facilitates you to get more people watch your videos.. If you use the swipe up link frequently, save those stories in your highlight section. Highlights stay permanent, and when people visit your profile have a chance to check your highlight stories.

And the bitter truth is that the swipe-up link is not available to everyone on Instagram; it is available only to the business profile that has acquired more than 10k followers.

There is also another way to go creative with your Instagram stories.If you don’t have the swipe up link option, then you can direct your audience to the clickable link in your profile bio as like the feed post. 

Instagram reels , yet another new format of Instagram stories is a new feature which marketers could use to upload short video content related to their brand and advertisements. Such videos have more chances to obtain Instagram reels likes hence increasing interaction and engagement from people who are not in your followers list. Consequently, they might start following you on Instagram from that point of time.

#5 IGTV Broadcast

One of the perfect IGTV marketing features is that the video content description could be lengthy and place a link. It means everyone can put a link to the video content description.

There are various ways you can attach a lead magnet as your clickable link in the description of IGTV. After uploading a 

You can attach a free PDF install link that provides vast information on the title in your content. Or you can also place a link to the opt-in section for a session video with lots of details about IGTV video topics.

#6 Combine Stories And IGTV For A Magnificent Lead Generation

Many users won’t have a swipe up automatic link feature but have an element of placing a link in their IGTV channel. Here, you need to follow few steps to collect the leads:

  • Make the IGTV video that envelops the topic relevant to your targeted page. Don’t forget to place a link in the video content description.
  • Provide an Instagram story that discusses your IGTV video topic.
  • Attach a link to your IGTV in your Instagram story.
  • Direct audience to the link to get the video content.

It is important to understand that you could leverage Instagram stories to drive traffic to your IGTV channel and reach your targeted audience.

Summing Up

Unlike other social media networks, Instagram doesn’t provide users the ability to attach a link in the feed posts. And many won’t look for the clickable links because of the network with truncated feed’s captions. 

Marketers know the lead generation value. While many businesses and brands avoid the platform for capturing leads, you can get success on lead generation on Instagram easily with these handy tips.

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