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4 Actionable Ecommerce Lead Generation Tips

4 Actionable Ecommerce Lead Generation Tips

Nowadays, every ecommerce store relies on its customers. The more sales you make the more successful your business will be. However, when it comes to website traffic on an e-commerce store. Not every visitor is interested in making a purchase, at least not straight away. Some consumers are simply browsing while others are comparing prices and so on.

With that in mind, every store owner wants to get more qualified and organic traffic to their ecommerce website. In other words, they want more qualified leads that are actually interested in making a purchase. But what is a lead exactly?


Simply put, a lead is anyone who shows even the slightest interest in your products. And a person who is more willing to take the desired action on your website, such as buy something, subscribe to a newsletter, create an account etc. That’s why every ecommerce business needs to create a lead generation strategy. This strategy will identify potential leads and encourage them to convert by nurturing them through a sales funnel.

Actionable ecommerce lead generation tips

Grow your social media followers in ecommerce

Social media platforms are crucial for any business these days. What’s more, when it comes to e-commerce businesses, social media is an ideal place to generate leads. Aside from building visibility and awareness for your store. As well as establishing a good relationship with your target audience on social media. You can also leverage various tactics to identify and target potential leads.

For example, Facebook Ads allow you to precisely target an audience based on their location, interests, behavior, demographics. And other relevant criteria. That way you can create a lead generation ad intended for specific audience you want to target as potentially qualified leads. However, you can also generate leads organically if you prefer not to rely on advertisements. In fact, posting high-quality and highly relevant content can help you generate qualified leads within your target audience. And drive them towards your e-commerce website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies designed to generate qualified leads. And improve organic website traffic, among other things. The fact of the matter is that you build your awareness, visibility and credibility for your website in a natural way with the help from SEO. Ranking high on search engines means that your potential customers can easily find and access your website. With that in mind, consumers these days always go online to get informed about products or services before they decide to make a purchasing decision.

With SEO, you position your business where your customers are by ranking for specific keywords that match your audiences’ intent. That way, your website or your individual pages will appear on the first page of search results allowing consumers to find you easily. However, in order to appear on the first page. You have to ensure your rankings are high by actively improving your efforts through activities, such as technical, on-page and off-page SEO.

Email marketing

Even though many experts constantly argue that email lost its efficiency. It’s still one of the most effective marketing strategies today, especially when it comes to lead generation and lead nurturing. If you’re wondering how to generate B2B leads for your e-commerce store. Instead of just B2C leads, then email marketing is the right way to go.

As a matter of fact, B2B leads in the e-commerce world are important. Especially if you’re looking to publish content on relevant sources or connect with social media influencers to improve your exposure.

Simply put, email marketing is effective when it comes to generating any lead that’s of any value to your website. Furthermore, when it comes to generating leads, email can help you tailor personalized messages to leads. That provided their contact on your website or social media pages. You can even leverage email segmentation to categorize leads based on interest and other criteria.

Provide a compelling offer

Oftentimes, generating leads means you’ll have a lot of interested consumers. However, in order for your store to thrive, you’ll have to encourage people to take action. By creating a compelling offer, you’ll be able to not just generate leads but also encourage them to make a purchase. As an example, offering a discount, a coupon or a limited time offer might be exactly what you need to give leads a nudge towards making a purchase.

As a matter of fact, 71% of consumers are more willing to buy if there’s a coupon or a discount involved in your offer. In addition, if you create a time-limited offer, you can leverage consumers’ behavior to generate leads, especially their fear-of-missing-out (FOMO). When there’s a sense of urgency, leads are more willing to make a decision because they don’t want to waste an opportunity to get a good deal for your products.

Generating more qualified leads for your ecommerce store is not an easy task. In order to find the right prospects, you must research your target audience well. However, with the right strategy in place, you can not only generate qualified leads for your ecommerce store. But also nurture them until they’re finally ready to convert into customers.

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