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The ICC T20 World Cup is probably one of the most eagerly waited for cricket tournament around the world. This year, the famous Dubai International Stadium has become the home for this tournament. If there was ever a time to grow your own on demand taxi booking business with the Uber clone app, it is now!

After the CoVid 19 corona virus pandemic lull in business, if you have waited for the best time to launch your taxi business with new vigour, then this is your shot. With the all new Uber clone app that is loaded with the best features in the industry, you can ensure that you grow your profitability of the on demand taxi business during the T20 World Cup 2021. 


The Uber clone app is an app that is specially created for entrepreneurs who wish to digitize their taxi business or even enter in this business space and improve their profitability. It has been modelled after the original Uber app which has become a success story in itself all over the world. 

Although the name suggests cloning, the app is created by writing brand new code strings to increase efficiency and to stay current with the market’s present requirements. The basic flow of the app remains similar to the Uber app, however, there are loads of new features that make this a better, stronger and more profitable option for entrepreneurs across Dubai. 


This is one of those events that people wait in line for to buy tickets. The frenzy around cricket is not restricted to the locals, as people throng from different parts of the world to show support to their home teams. These tourists who fly from different corners of the globe don’t have their personal cars or vehicles with them. Which is why; they rely on the next best option, which is the Taxi. 

With the help of the Uber clone app, you can pitch your own taxi service into the market in a way that ensures maximum profitability and success. Picking the right app, tying up with a good fleet of taxis or even using your existing fleet and entering the market as a suitable option is the best route to success. 


With so many taxi booking options available in the market, it is only fair to assume that customers may get confused and look for an option that is easy to use, cheap and reliable. This is why; it is critical to ensure that the taxi booking on demand application that you introduce to the market has the perfect flow. Let us take a look at what the ideal on demand taxi booking app, also known as the Uber clone app, should be like:

  1. The user gets to download the app for free from the Google Play store or the iOS app store depending upon the operating system of their smart phones. 
  2. Then they can register into the app using their social media handles, Gmail account or even by filling out a registration form. 
  3. Once this is done, the user can see all the options available around them. These options include bike taxi, hatchback cars, sedans and SUVs. Users can choose amongst these options based on the number of people traveling and their budget. 
  4. On making the selection, the app automatically sends out a request to all the taxi drivers registered with your app. 
  5. The taxi drivers get a request. On accepting that request, they can now see the pick up point. 
  6. The taxi reaches the pick up location and drops the users to their drop location. 
  7. After this, the app automatically raises an invoice and the user can make a payment either by online means using the app’s in app wallet or by paying cash. 

This is one of the best opportunities at the present time so don’t miss out on it. Use the T20 world cup 2021 to grow your own business and increase the profitability of your on demand taxi booking business with the help of the Uber clone app TODAY!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.