Gojek Clone App

If you look at the way humankind evolved over the past century. It is clear that people are heavily dependent on technology. With more and more people today are relying on the internet and their handy smart phones for just about every single one of their requirements. While everything else seemed to be on the platter with technology, it took a while for us to make sure that we can organize the service sector just as well. The Gojek clone app is the answer to that.

The Gojek Clone App has accommodated an incredible answer for this prerequisite. A single application gives admittance to every one of the clients towards getting a wide range of expert service providers. This is the explanation; it has turned out to be an especially beneficial decision for the business visionaries everywhere.

Regardless, before we get into the development of the Gojek application clone progression. Let us endeavor to appreciate what the degree of the Gojek Clone application is. The kind of organizations that are associate with the application and the easiest technique for getting the best on demand Gojek Clone application.


Not by any stretch of the imagination like the Gojek application the Gojek Clone application has 4 fundamental kinds of organizations included inside it. They are:

A.            On Demand Taxi Booking Service

This section of the application draws in the clients to book or enrol taxis. This part of the app functions exactly like the Uber application.  The client ought to open the application and snap on the taxi booking region to enter this part and engage the clients. To hire taxis that they need considering their budget and the number of people travelling.

B.            On Demand Parcel Delivery

This part will engage the client to send across parcels beginning with one point then onto the other. This Mobile application is outstandingly easy to use and intuitive. The client can choose to send a pack from one place to another or to multiple end destinations. The other thing about this piece of the application is that you are permitted to send any kind of thing whether it is an envelope or 100 sacks of cement. The user can choose the type of vehicle for their packages. For example, they can hire a cyclist to send across a bunch of envelopes and a truck to transport bags of cement or landscaping items.

C.            On Demand Store based delivery

This part extends to any and all kinds of things that can be purchased using the app and then delivered using the app’s delivery driver partners. This service can help the users buy food, groceries, pharmaceutical goods, bottled water, bakery goods, and so on and so forth.

D.            On Demand Service Provider

This is the part that will allow your clients to utilize expert service providers like on demand circuit repairmen, on demand handyman, on demand electrical professional, on demand trainers, on demand beauticians, on demand pet walker, on demand car wash, on demand tow truck, on demand snow removal expert, on demand locksmiths and so on and so forth.

E.            On Demand Online consultation

This is the latest addition to the Gojek clone app. It is a feature that will allow you to make sure that your clients can set up online consultations with experts so that they don’t have to physically go to meet them. For example, if someone is experiencing light fevers or indigestion. They do not need to rush to the emergency room or the hospital. They can simply set up an online consultation with a doctor and meet them virtually over video calls or chats to discuss the ailments and their treatment. Other experts like on demand trainers, on demand accountants. On demand lawyers and more can be consulted easily with the app.

F.            On Demand Service Provider Bidding

Tis part of the app works as a board where the users can list their requirements. Once they post a requirement, service providers with the skill set to offer said jobs will receive a notification of the same. They can then bid for the jobs at a price point that they find convenient. The user can then choose the service provider that they think is best based on their budget and the expertise of the service provider.

G.           Delivery Runner On Demand

The Gojek clone app has this new feature that helps people hire expert delivery professionals who can work errands for the users. The user can hire an exclusive delivery runner who can pick up their laundry. Collect their lunch and so on and so forth.


To purchase the right kind of Gojek Clone App, you ought to push toward a white label on demand flexible (customizable and scalable) application. Which has been created by a white label on demand mobile app Development Company. Ensure that they set you up with the source code of the application that is licensed to your domain so that. You can make sure that you can update it or modify it as per your convenience in future.

The Gojek clone app can be your ticket to the greatest and easiest way to the top of the market. With the help of the right application, you can ensure that you rule the on demand market successfully. So, join the bandwagon now and enjoy the growth of your profitability.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.