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Technology has changed almost everything in today’s time. It has influenced the working and also the life of the common man. One such example is the Smart Toll System which aims to avoid traffic congestion and long queues. For this purpose, there is a big role of QR technology which is even used for the toll payment system. This saves time because of the automation process.  

QR code is not a new concept for us. Most of the developed countries are following it. In America, it is mostly used to make the workflow simple. They are using it in health care, security, education and supermarkets. But now it’s time for the toll plaza. 

Currently, most of the toll plazas are following the manual process. This ranges from the detecting of details to the final payment. There are many issues associated with this approach.  

Some of the challenges in the toll booth payment are as follows:

  • Fuel consumption and pollution
  • Prone to corruption
  • Maintenance and staffing
  • Manual barriers

How QR technology is used in making smart toll payments?

The use of QR technology in digital wallet for toll payment solution is smooth and vital as well. There will be a use of QR code for the payment at the toll plaza. In this system, every vehicle will have the QR code sticker on it. When the vehicle will pass through the toll plaza, the credential of the vehicle will be detected. 

Every single vehicle will have the QR code mounted on it which will be read out by the camera. This helps in deducting the amount from the accounts of the owner automatically. As soon as the amount will be deducted, the owner will get the SMS on the smartphone. 

But before deducting the payment it will also check whether the user and the vehicle registered or not. The payment will be made only for the registered one. 

 Working model:

In general, the working model of the QR code payments solution will be as follow: 

User registration:

The initial step for the user is to register with the specific system with all the required details. 

Adding the vehicle:

The next step is to add the vehicle details like name, number and type of the vehicle. 


The user will have the prepaid wallet from which the amount will be paid online. For this purpose, a user has to credit some amount in the wallet. 

QR code:

Using the input data the QR code will be generated. This generated QR code can be printed or saved into the system. 

Toll operator:

The toll operator application will decode the QR code to collect the final amount from the user. 

Scanning of QR code:

Now the generated QR code can be scanned by toll operators. A user can paste the QR code on the side screen or windscreen for the sake of convenience. 

Benefits of integrating QR technology in toll payment:

Reducing the traffic:

With the help of QR code technology, the overall operation is fast. It saves time to the great limit. It’s because the process is automated which takes less time and effort to make the payment.

 Reduce the fuel the consumption:

As there will be less stoppage at the toll plaza, it will give rise to less consumption of the fuel. Users do not have to keep their vehicles ideal at the same time. It’s because the working process is fast and efficient. This reduces the consumption of fuel, making the environment safe and free from air pollution.

Introducing cashless payment:

As there is an integration of automation in the payment process, there is no involvement of the cash in the transaction. All the things are done in a fast and efficient manner with little human effort. This contactless payments solution is the advantage and an important factor in the toll payment system.

Increase productivity:

Due to an automated process, more and more productivity could be carried out in the toll plaza. Instead of manual work, it saves out time and could easily detect many vehicles in less time. 

Reduce corruption:

With the help of the QR code technology the corruption also reduces. The whole of the process is to be done based on QR code and the total amount will be based on it. So it cut down the extra hidden charges which are usually charged. 


QR code has already gained its importance and now its time for the toll plaza. Right now only developed nations have adopted this system but it could be expected that soon it will be a part of every country.

 QR technology will not only be helpful for the toll booth but indirectly it will leave out a good impact on the environment. It will truly benefit the user, toll booth and our earth. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.