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Who doesn’t like growth? Everyone wants to grow individually as well as in the aspect of the business. Since most people are busy in their working life, they don’t get any time to read. In that case, they usually listen to podcasts to consume different information.

Podcasts are way more convenient as you can easily listen to them while working out, driving, or having food. SEO podcasts are much more preferred than blogs on the website. 

In this article, we will discuss how an SEO podcast can help in the business’s growth.

An Overview of Growth Genius podcast 

You may already know what is SEO. But this podcast is a bit different. Growth Genius podcast is considered one the best podcasts you could listen to. The audio files are mainly based on the discussions of the latest trends, interview sessions with profound insights, and different techniques and strategies of the digital marketing industry. 

You could get great benefits or help by listening to stories about digital growth from professionals. Also, you could apply the strategies or techniques in your business areas.

How can the Growth Genius podcast help you grow your business? 

Growth Genius is Infidigit’s revolutionary take on learning about the digital industry from the experts themselves. As you know, it is a digital marketing podcast that covers interviews with growth geniuses and industry leaders across India. So, you are in for a treat because you will be gathering knowledge and tips that you cannot find elsewhere. Here is how this SEO podcast can help aspiring entrepreneurs and startups looking to make a mark in the industry. 

#1 Gain more excellent knowledge of SEO

SEO is one aspect that every industry, irrespective of the domain, is working on. Every business wants to have a strong online presence of their brand. For this, search engine optimization plays a vital role. The Growth Genius podcast consists of interviews that specifically emphasize topics like SEO and backlinks. In fact, in the first episode of the podcast, Kaushal interviewed Pinaki Chakraborty of Schneider Electric, who explained everything about SEO, including SEO and SEO best practices. For beginners and startups, who have no idea about digital marketing, such informational podcasts can play a vital role. 

#2 Learn about the internal functioning of organizations: 

Entrepreneurs and business owners in the market for some time now or those who are just starting and looking to establish proper functioning within their company, listening to this podcast can help. There are several interviews in this podcast where experts have frankly talked about their organizations’ internal functioning. For example, in the 17th episode, Kaushal Thakkar, founder of Infidigit, talked to Divya Dixit of ALTBalaji. She shared insights about how ALTBalaji became India’s one of the most popular OTT platforms. She said that internal functioning played a significant role in that. 

#3 Understand how to grow your organization’s revenue: 

Suppose you are a local business aiming to go global. In that case, you should watch episode number 14, where Kaushal Thakkar talked to Ankil Rawal, Director, Business Development and Partnerships at Affle, about digital growth and transformation. With the second wave of COVID-19 already in play, Ankit Rawal emphasized the importance of building locally and selling globally. He gave some severe insights into aspects like product-market culture fit. This is something you should listen to if you want to make a strategic move. 

#4 Leverage the best of both worlds:

Growth Genius is an SEO podcast made dedicatedly to entrepreneurs and business owners. You can leverage the best of both worlds as the interviews are combined with elements like deep insights and discussions on the latest strategies, trends, innovations, and technologies in the digital space. For instance, you will find interviews focused on growth strategies using different platforms. You should watch episode 9, where Ashish Agarwal of Zycus talks about how his company delivered 7.4 X ROI with precision targeting on LinkedIn. 


Growth Genius podcasts can be a significant source of information. As people highly rely on listening rather than reading, podcasts can be much more effective in harnessing knowledge and information. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.