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The SaaS (Software as a Service) Industry is continuously changing with the introduction of new developments which simplify how we perform our day to day activities.

However, SaaS businesses have been evading the implementation of mobile apps for a relatively long time as they would rather stick to SaaS web application development– but that has changed now.

Different benefits come with the adoption of SaaS mobile app development within an SaaS Business. The interests for customers range from stress-free maintenance, low cost, no space invasion, and more.

While the SaaS vendor benefits include natural foreign market expansion, no piracy chances, automation of service delivery, and many others.

These benefits, along with many others have generated a vast demand for SaaS mobile app development to simplify the processes of millions of SaaS Businesses worldwide.

Mobile SaaS applications are slowly taking over from the traditional SaaS web application development model.

In this article, we’ll give some insights on how to get your SaaS business onto a mobile app. Before we do, let’s take a look at the growth of mobile SaaS applications.

Growth Analysis and Prediction of Mobile SaaS Applications

Many different SaaS businesses are moving to mobile with the expectation of increasing their user engagement along with making a good name for themselves in the corporate world.

The mobile SaaS application market is a big one, and there are predictions that it will continue to grow.

Mobile Workforce Strategies reported in their SMB Mobile SaaS Forecast for 2011 – 2017 that the market for SaaS businesses rose from $6.7 billion (2012) to $19.7 billion (2017).

Gartner Inc. also forecasted that the world spending on SaaS mobile apps would have an increase of over 7% from 2015 to 2019.

Different factors drive SaaS businesses to move to a mobile app such as easier deployment and increased user engagement. Let us explore the various reasons why your SaaS business needs a mobile app.

Why Your SaaS Business Needs a Mobile App

They are several reasons why you should get a SAAS app development company to build an app for your SaaS business. The reasons are highlighted below:

Fast Communication

With mobile apps, SaaS businesses can communicate faster and more effectively with their customers. SaaS business mobile apps include all the information about the company which fosters active communication.


Mobile applications by top app developers in the USA promote availability for users. Expanding your SaaS business to an independent mobile app opens your business to an audience who are always on the go and would rather work with their phones than their laptops.

By offering your SaaS business on a mobile application, your company will always be available for users.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness increases significantly with the use of apps. You can publicize your business and get more customers to your business with the use of these apps built by mobile app development companies. Adding offers and discounts is a sure way to draw customers’ attention.

Increase Active Users and Customers

When you check the active users of your SaaS software, there is a decline in the number of users making use of your software after typical office hours.

Having a mobile application for your SaaS business solves this value decline problem as users now have the option of making use of the software anywhere at any time and on the go.

It’s typical for SaaS businesses with a mobile application to have more users. This is because mobile apps makes these businesses more accessible to customers.

Reduces Business Boosting Cost

SaaS businesses using the traditional SaaS web application development model usually have to consider marketing and advertising costs to update their customers.

But with the adoption of mobile applications, these costs are reduced because you can send real-time updates and messages to your customers.

Compared with web applications, messages sent on mobile apps built by top app developers in the USA increase the user engagement level.

This high user engagement rate raises the possibility of mobile app profitability as it helps you retain customers and get new ones.

Increases Competitor Advantage

There are still a lot of SaaS businesses that have not adopted the use of mobile apps. This means that the mobile scene is very open for your SaaS business to have a competitive advantage over others. Mobile apps make you stand out – your user base will also increase drastically as a result.

Type of Mobile Apps to Choose From

There are three types of apps that SaaS Mobile app development companies give you to choose from for your business.

They are Native, Web, and Hybrid. Each of these options comes with their pros and cons, so it’s essential to know them before making a choice.

Native Apps

Native apps are known for their excellent performance and excellent quality. Native mobile applications are downloadable through the iOS App store and the Play store.

Web Apps

This is a mobile app that can be accessed through the web when users go online. This app is not a standalone, which means it’s not available for download.

Hybrid Apps

This mobile app is a combination of Native and Web app – it can be downloaded from the App store and can be accessed through the web.

This app contains Native UI elements that allow interaction with the functionalities of users devices.

Cost of Getting a Mobile App

Mobile applications can be built by a SaaS mobile app development company, or you can create your app from scratch.

The size of your business, the development environment (iOS, Android) and update frequency play a significant role in the overall cost of developing an SaaS mobile app. The price usually ranges from $5,000 to $60,000 and more.

A most cost effective, long term, will be using top app developers in the USA to build mobile apps for your SaaS business.

These software developers take care of maintenance, and they require a monthly fee, and will keep things moving smoothly.

Wrapping Up

SaaS Businesses adopting mobile apps is becoming more common. A mobile app allows users to view data on the go regardless of the place or time.

Productivity and effectiveness within your SaaS business will increase rapidly with the use of mobile apps.

The cost of getting a mobile app depends on whether you’re creating from scratch or hiring a mobile app development company.

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