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6 Reasons Mobile Apps are Better Than Mobile Websites

6 Reasons Mobile Apps are Better Than Mobile Websites

By 2020, the global mobile population will cross the coveted 4 billion mark, a number which is already far more than desktops in the world. Mobile app market is also growing at a spectacular rate and has emerged as a viable challenge to websites. So, businesses now have two channels – websites and mobile apps – for growing their business and supporting their operations.  

Although both the channels have certain advantages, committing to one can make better sense and even help save resources. For a business, whether to choose mobile app or website should depend on the target audience, cost aspect and features they want to support their operations with. Apps however are preferred more these days for being more beneficial in comparison to websites.    

Before deciding between mobile app or website, you should know that  

  • App downloads are growing exponentially and users all the world prefer them more for their various web activities 
  • Data shows that modern users spend more time with mobile apps that they do with websites
  • More businesses have started leveraging mobile apps as a reliable and better channel to drive revenue and for customer acquisition
  • Although websites are still a good channel for boosting user engagement and awareness, they lag mobile apps in later funnel stages
  • And yes, mobile apps ensure better retentionrates which is why more businesses now prefer them over websites
Mobile Apps

Here are some of reasons why mobile apps are better than websites

Mobile apps offer better personalisation capability  

Websites can never match the personalization capability of apps which is a major drawback to them. Apps are developed in a way to use the device’s native features to ensure a superior user experience (UX). They use the data on user’s location, preferences, web use patterns etc. to deliver a faster experience to the target audience. More so, they can analyze and track user behavior to offer custom updates and recommendations and make them web experience better. Above all, mobile apps can also allow users to gain access to personalized content which websites can’t.     

Mobile apps ensure better monetization 

Since mobile apps deliver better user experience, this boosts their monetization capability or potential. Most apps are free to download, done cost anything to users yet ensure better monetary benefits to businesses. With apps, brands can engage and re-engage users as per the moment or schedule of choice which helps drive their financial performance in a big way. Apps are great to leverage the potential of ads, UA activities and videos even without affecting the UX in any manner possible. 

Mobile apps are a wonderful e-commercetool

Mobile apps are all the rage in the e-commerce sphere and they patterns forced websites out of the reckoning. More and more brands now rely on apps than websites when it comes to closing deals, converting leads and attracting prospects. They are also more effective when it comes to bringing customers faster on the purchase funnel. What’s more, apps provide three times better conversion rates than websites due to in-apps features saving users time and data with filling information. Plus, apps deliver faster loading times and come with one-click checkouts.  

Apps are a great communication platform 

Apps have proven to be a great communication platform with ever-increasing open and click rates. They are also trusted more by businesses for in-built and user-friendly features like push and messages. So, brands can leverage these in-app features to interact, engage and communicate with customers in a hassle-free manner. In-app notifications and push notifications are two of excellent in-apps features that force businesses to ditch websites and go with mobile apps for customer communication.    

Tons of business-friendly and innovative features

Apps have an edge over websites due to tons of extra features they have. Unlike websites, they are also great at the use of multimedia by users. They can easily use the device’s native feature and deliver value to end users. Right from the GPS to camera, compass to phone calls to contact lists, a whole gamut of features is there to be used by mobile apps to deliver value to businesses. For that reason, apps can deliver a more interactive and fun experience to users than websites do.      

Mobile apps deliver better offline functionality

Apps can work offline but websites can’t. All the basic content and features of apps can work without the net connection even if most of globally. Most apps have certain features that allow working in the offline mode. For that reason, any business can deliver value in an easy manner. faster experience, you can’t expect to work offline as most, or all features require to rely on a connection to work. So, you can trust a good web designing company and get an app developed to give your business an edge in the market.  

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