faster internet connection

We’ve all seen the benefits of having a fast internet connection in recent years. Whether studying from home, working, or just chilling out, a fast speed helps all those downloads, surfs and streams go more smoothly. 

It’s hard to imagine your daily life without the internet, but why would you need a faster internet connection? Surely just having a connection is enough? However, there are some things that a speedier connection is valuable for. So, why is a faster connection worthwhile? Let’s explore this:

Easier media sharing

If you’re active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even just Whatsapp, you know what a chore it is to wait around for photographs and videos to upload and download. 

Whether it’s an album dump after the holidays or a party, or just an update of your day, we’ve all waited for a video or stacks of photos to send. That’s why you should look for a fast internet connection when you compare broadband.

More smooth remote working

As many of us have discovered, good bandwidth is vital if you want your 50+ participant Zoom meetings to go smoothly. Even if your work laptop comes with plenty of RAM, a fast, fibre optic internet connection is what you need for good working from home. 

With so much software in the cloud, remote desktop and continuous chatting with colleagues, a stable link is critical. Your employer may be able to help you.

A better cloud experience

As we touched upon, many online tools and software today are cloud-based. Free online cloud tools are the way to go if you want to save space on your computer, work efficiently from multiple computers, or just save money. Nowadays, cloud software is just as fully-featured and reliable as the versions you’d install locally. 

Cloud software is also a good way to collaborate with others online. However, you need a reliable and fast internet connection to keep your cloud software running. Your actions may not sync correctly otherwise. Security protocols may also not let you in. So look for top speeds when you choose a new internet provider.

You’re more productive

Okay, so it may take a lot of work to stay productive with fast-loading cat videos at your fingertips. But generally, the faster your internet speed, the more effective you can be. First, there are obvious reasons, like fast-loading tools and software. 

Then the documents and emails download instantly – no more waiting and procrastinating with a quick game of Minesweeper while you wait for them to come through. 

On top of this, your online tools and extensions are also more stable. Fast and reliable internet also means good connections and relationships with colleagues and customers. You can exchange ideas and interactions much more quickly and far more often.

Better video conferences

Video conferences were a common enough thing, even before the pandemic. Video calls are a popular and convenient way for people to get together and meet, irrespective of their physical location. In the office or at home – it doesn’t matter, just as long as you look professional and log in on time.

Of course, for video conferences to work properly, all participants need a reliable and speedy connection, regardless of location. Everyone needs sufficient up and down bandwidth rates for the many webcam streams and graphics to function smoothly. You don’t want to crash out of the call. If you miss important information, whoever’s hosting may have a recording. 

It makes you look dependable and professional

A good internet connection makes you look good in today’s modern business setting. Without a reliable internet connection, downtime and crashes can cause you to lose productivity and business opportunities due to appearing unreliable. 

This can put a dampener on your business. Your website and online presence are imperative marketing assets in today’s world, so you must keep them at their best for your business to go the right way. Therefore, a reliable, secure and speedy internet connection is vital for good business.

It boosts your sales and services

When you look for a product or service online, your primary reason is to save time. After all, shopping online is a convenient option. So, it makes sense that your customers are the same way. With that, it turns out that most people simply abandon a page that won’t load quickly.

Even if it’s something you really want to buy, people generally leave a page that hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds! Sure, we Australians are a little more patient regarding loading. But still, if you want to stand out from the crowd online, a fast-loading site is essential for increased profits.

More relaxing

We’ve all experienced the stress of trying to get something done on a slow computer. Slow internet is frustrating, whether shopping, streaming, or just a quick Google search. As you wait for sites to load, you worry about getting everything else done that day. That’s why a fast internet connection can be relaxing. 

With a good internet connection, everyone gets their work done quickly and easily with all the necessary tools. They can also chat with co-workers online as they do it and get answers from Google quickly and easily if they don’t understand something. It’s more sustainable, too, since you work more efficiently.

You can go cross-platform

Do you use multiple devices at work? Or are you stuck using wired PCs? When your software works on various devices, it allows users to work from wherever they want. This can be more ergonomic, more social and even cheaper. 

Going cross-platform also gives you access to a broader audience and means you have to spend less time developing workplace tools. It also means that no matter what your employees use, they can access the fully-functional workplace tools they need.


About to invest in a new internet provider? With fibre optic rolling out everywhere, high-speed internet connections are more common than you think. Moreover, fast internet has some surprising benefits. That’s why you should look for a speedy connection.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.