Use MEAN Stack for your ProjectUse MEAN Stack for your Project


Nearly half of the website on the internet uses JavaScript, a client-side programming language for web pages. Now, JavaScript is utilized by practically every device. As a result, frameworks based on JavaScript, such as MEAN Stack, have grown in popularity and use. As a result, many candidates are coming up with a career in this domain.

MEAN is a web stack that is open source. It helps to create scalable, adaptable, and extendable applications for cloud deployment. Also, developers may reuse code across technologies in MEAN since each technology utilizes the same programming language. Therefore, to know more about this technology and understand the benefits of using this stack, we suggest you enroll in the Mean Stack Course in Delhi.

MEAN Stack: Meaning

The MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based framework for developing web applications. MEAN is named for the four major technologies that comprise the stack’s layers; MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. These technologies represent the following:

  1. MongoDB is a document-oriented database that helps to improve scalability and developer agility.
  2. ExpressJS is a Node module framework that creates server-side applications.
  3. AngularJS is a structural framework used to create dynamic web and mobile apps.
  4. Node.JS is a run-time environment for non-blocking, event-driven servers and helps to create real-time apps with a push-based architecture.

Reasons to Use MEAN Stack

List down below are the significant reasons to use MEAN stack:

● Easy Implementation

Because JavaScript is the foundation of the MEAN stack, implementing such technology is simple. However, developers may deploy the MEAN stack application for simplified app development using a single language throughout the whole application.

● Extensive technological stack

You get a team of professionals when using Angular, Express, and Node.js. With the help of the MEAN stack, developers may gain extensive experience in multitasking across several technologies. By hiring MEAN stack developers, you’ll have resources with expertise in both front-end and back-end technologies.

● Improves developers proficiency

The MEAN programming stack can help enterprises to improve developer abilities. Thus, adopting the MEAN stack makes it easier for businesses to take a new strategy. It also allows developers to broaden their skill sets to create current web applications. Furthermore, you may use the novel and seamless agile methodology with the MEAN stack.

● Effortless data transmission

JSON files are a particular data interchange format in Node and Angular. However, the MEAN stack development services support and maintain data transit across the system.

● Effective prototyping skills

Every company wants a prototype to test the functionality and user requirements. As a result, businesses choose to create an MVP. The Minimum Viable Product strategy is beneficial and cost-effective while prototyping. It allows enterprises to determine how effective and user-friendly their application concept or idea is. Furthermore, the MEAN stack is one of the excellent technologies for organizations to use while developing MVP workflows.

● Reusable and cloud-compatible

The MEAN stack allows the creation of a UI that provides a user-friendly experience. Thus, to develop native-type web applications, it supports the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It also supports Node.js for non-blocking type I/O and reduces request processing overload to increase site performance. Furthermore, the MEAN stack makes use of Angular to improve code reusability.

With the help of cloud repositories, this technological stack uses open-source frameworks. The best part is that MongoDB comes in handy when it comes to cloud computing.

● Lowers development cost

Regardless of industry, every company wants to stay ahead of its competition. Thus, they require powerful web and mobile app development at a reduced price. However, MEAN is ideal for such enterprises because it is open-source and free. Moreover, enterprises may reduce project expenses by assembling a qualified team of MEAN stack developers.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the top reasons to use MEAN stack for your web and mobile application development project. It also features greater adaptability to manage user-generated data. By looking at these reasons, if you desire to have a career working in this framework, we suggest you undergo Mean Stack Course in Noida.

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