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The latest version of Drupal has just been released with new features and it is among the leading technological revolutions in content management systems (CMS). Laravel development agency can help your business big time and you can update your website to the latest version of Drupal in a simplified manner.

A CMS can give you options to manage the content easily. The newest and most recent version of Drupal is 9.3x which was released in 2020. Drupal 10 was released recently and it came with a lot of updated quality features. The efficiency and security that comes with Drupal CMS are unmatched for business websites.

With the most recent upgrade, Drupal will achieve power and provide a fully customizable architecture with a wide range of customization choices. There are several features that are released with this update.

When was Drupal 10 released?

More than 20 years ago, on January 15, 2001, the first release of Drupal was made accessible to the general public. The latest update of the app was released on 14th December 2022.

With this update, Drupal improved its security structure and now there won’t be any additional security flaws. Drupal is built on the Symfony framework, which is substantially incorporated into the code.

Updated features in Drupal 10

If you want to know what is new with Drupal 10, they did one thing by removing the features that are not useful to the website’s scalability. With updated libraries and user-friendly components, it integrated the most recent elements of third-party software to improve workflow.

Here are some of the features that you will get with the update:

Single-click installation

With the new update in Drupal, there is an update with a built-in module browser. It will give you easy installation with a strong admin panel. This is very crucial for the usability of the platform and you can manage without any extra time consumption. Website usability can be improved with this and you can use module browser design from the Drupal community.


CKEditor is one of the greatest choices for site building. It comes with a great user interface and has user-friendly features that make it easy to build a website. With the latest update, developers can make customisation smoothly. With Drupal 10, CKEditor has been upgraded to CKEditor5 which has more features and provides efficiency to website development.

PHP 8.1

Drupal is based on the PHP language. With the new updated version 8.1.5, you can enhance the flexibility of the platform. PHP 8.0 is supported in the last version of Drupal as well but the new update is here with a strong community of PHP with the latest version.

Kit theme

The new Drupal 10 has started a kit theme that has strong functionality and you can now choose the theme from a variety of themes. With a great theme, you can improve the website’s appearance and increase the user experience on your business platform.

Decoupled menu

Drupal 10 has a decoupled menu feature as it is becoming a headless content management system with every update. This can transform your Drupal platform as JavaScript menus and features can be used on this platform as it is very crucial for the growth of the business. With a quality user interface, you can change the menu without any hassle and enhance efficiency.


Drupal 10 has been released with contemporary JavaScript components which can replace the jQuery user interface for your business platform. The new update doesn’t support Internet Explorer 11 in Drupal 10. The components in JavaScript will replace jQuery and ease the process of development for the Drupal community.

Auto update capabilities

The auto-updating procedures are Drupal 10’s finest feature. It has included automatic update capabilities to increase user experience as quickly as possible without any support from the development team. It has the feature of package deal signing for security and it is used for websites in Drupal settings.

Symfony 6.2

Drupal 10 update is released with an updated version of Symfony. It has been running Drupal for the past few years and with this update, your business website can leverage cutting-edge features. This new update will improve productivity and save time for enacting user experience.


The Frontend theme is one of the most important features in the latest release of Drupal. It will replace the default theme in the Drupal CMS, which was previously Bartik. You can increase accessibility and make your content delivery smoother. It will also help in scaling your business.

What to do before you update to the Drupal 10

Every website is aiming to benefit from the features of the Drupal 10 update. It is easy to develop third-party components like Composer, CKEditor, and Symfony. It has no concern for security and you can offer a seamless experience to your users.

The transition of your old website to the Drupal 10 environment is very straightforward. It will give you features that can help your business grow with the latest features. You should upgrade to the latest version of Drupal and enjoy its features. For the first step, you should install the upgrade status on the website.

You should check the Drupal upgrade and module status to ensure they are compatible with the latest version. It is a simpler approach if your business works on deprecated API detection. Updating to Drupal 10 is simple and easier to access once the custom code has been adjusted.

Update to Drupal 10 now!

Drupal is one of the leading platforms for website development. It provides data security and quality data management with other features for a website. You need a platform that runs at peak performance at all times, and Drupal is exactly that.

With advanced security layers, you can enjoy the benefits of this extensive content management system. To update to the latest version of Drupal and leverage the advanced features, you can contact the drupal agency UK. It will provide you with quality updates without causing any disruption to your business, and you can acquire the updated versions without losing any data.

By Anurag Rathod

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