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3 Reasons to Incorporate Solar Power for Your Biz

3 Reasons to Incorporate Solar Power for Your Biz

Day in and day out the sun rises and sets. While it is out throughout the day, its light provides a free, environmentally friendly, and renewable energy resource that, like other forms of energy, can be harnessed and used to power and run homes, businesses, and other entities. Utilizing solar energy is something all life on planet Earth has done, whether in the form of plants conducting photosynthesis, reptiles utilizing the heat from the sunlight, or humans using it to time and regulate activities like waking up and sleeping. With savings realized and costs decreasing increasingly, more and more homeowners and business owners are tapping into this newly appreciated timeless and renewable energy resource in bigger and better ways. With this information in mind, the following are 3 reasons to incorporate solar power for one’s business.

Lowered Electricity Bills

The first reason to incorporate solar power for a business is that it can lower or even outright get rid of unwanted electricity bills, which are capricious, ongoing, and prone to increase with inflation. The system of solar power, which is a free resource, can offset the currently used grid power. The meter runs forward and back with electricity usage and generation, respectively. The more solar panels generate electricity, the greater the reduction in the electric bill, allowing business owners to free up finances to focus on other ventures that could help the business.

Return on Investment

The second reason to incorporate solar power for a business is that it can generate a very good return on investment. Solar panels are relatively low-maintenance and quite reliable upon being installed and optimized, without the loudness or obtrusiveness of other energy sources. Most solar panels also boast 25-year warranties and projected lifespans of around 30 years. The costs of solar panels have been steadily decreasing over the past decade or so and are predicted to continue dropping, albeit to lesser degrees at a time. Despite this cost reduction, however, solar panel installation can unfortunately be quite costly. Nonetheless, available rebates, state incentives, and federal tax credits can help mitigate this cost. A Solar Tax Credit can help lower the costs even further, enhancing the return on investment even more. With the decreased solar panel costs and the plentitude of government incentives and rebates that are so often available, it doesn’t take long to see a return on investment with solar panels.

Going Green

The third and final reason to incorporate solar power for a business is that it helps companies become more environmentally friendly or green. As opposed to such resources as coal and gas, solar energy is clean, sustainable, and renewable, not to mention free. As such, it does not pollute the air or exacerbates global warming. For a large number of businesses, becoming more environmentally conscious in their decision-making processes matters a great deal to their business goals as well as to the environment. An example of the success of going green is the Bardessono Hotel and Spa, which is based in Yountville, California, which is itself in the center of the Napa Valley region, is LEED Certified, which entails installation of a solar-powered trash compactor and cardboard baler in line with their sustainable initiatives. The Bardessono Hotel and Spa has capitalized on the fact that green plans and images benefit not only the environment but also the success of the business itself.

The energy in the form of light and heat that is provided by the sun that rises every day offers a free, renewable, sustainable, and clean resource, provided that people can harness it correctly and conscientiously. Its utilization can cut down on pollution and other adverse side effects of more popular sources of energy like gas and coal. Even better is that since business entities do not need lighting during the day, the installed solar panels can spend the day gathering energy which can then keep the lights on at night when the sun is no longer out to provide energy, making it logical and complementary. Furthermore, while unforeseen or inclement weather conditions can affect sunlight from time to time, sunlight is nonetheless abundant and easily available and accessible at nearly all times, allowing business owners who install solar panels to rest assured that their investment will pay off greatly in no time flat.

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