Christmas Gift

Finding the best budget Laptop for Christmas gift, Honor MagicBook Pro could be one of your best options for your Christmas gift ideas. Honor MagicBook Pro comes with high-specs and its price will not break your budget. To learn more about Honor MagicBook Pro, this content will introduce the detailed specs of this laptop to you.

External Design 

Compared with Honor MagicBook 14 and MagicBook 15, there are no obvious changes of design, the back side of laptop is still drawn with Honor LOGO, and the only obvious change is that the size of laptop has become larger.


With the size of laptop has been larger, the size of screen will also naturally become larger. MagicBook Pro comes with a 16.1-inch narrow bezel designed screen, and the resolution of display is 1920×1080 pixel. The borders on the left and right sides are only 4.9mm wide, and the screen ratio reaches 90%.

Touchpad & Keyboard

The advantage of large size will provide a very vast space for the touchpad, keyboard, and others hard wares on this side. Taking this advantage, Honor MagicBook Pro comes with a large-area touchpad, and independent speakers on the left and right ends of the keyboard, which are used in traditional notebooks, so that the open speakers display sound effects more easily directly to the user. And also, the power button and fingerprint button come together in the combo, and the hidden camera is set on the upper middle of the keyboard.

External Interface

Honor MagicBook Pro has a full-featured USB-C interface on the left side, upgraded to 2.0 standard HDMI interface and a USB 3.2 interface. As for the right side, Honor MagicBook Pro has two USB 3.2 ports and a 3.5mm headphone port with a sound microphone.

Core Features

Dual-cooling fans

Honor MagicBook Pro retains the previous shark fin dual fan 2.0 version. The fan blade adopts a shark fin-like design, and the bottom is sucked on all four sides, which can effectively increase the fan speed. With a fan up to 5800 rpm and a double copper pipe cooling system, it can help Honor MagicBook Pro Ruilong reduce the temperature facing over hating.

AMD Ryzen Chipset

The 4800H has an 8-core 16-thread core, which is double the previous model 3750H. The cache has also been upgraded from the original 4MB to 8MB. The high-specs version’s memory is LPDDR4X-4266MHz, and the previous chip 3750H can only support DDR4-2400MHz.

Why is the fourth-generation of Ryzen particularly concerned?

Compared old models’ processor, new AMD Ryzen has greatly improved all parameters in all aspects, and the improvement of the process has allowed Ryzen 2 architecture has more room for imagination.

SDD Hard ware

In addition to the processor and memory, the test machine I got, also has a 512GB SSD hard disk (this may be different from the final market version), the AMD integrated graphics used by the graphics card, as the processor is upgraded , This generation of nuclear display has also undergone a version change, the integrated nuclear display of Ryzen 7 4800H is AMD Radeon RX Vega 7, the design core frequency is 1600 MHz, the actual performance depends on its design power consumption (15W/35W/45W) .

Gaming Performance

With 1080P resolution and the highest image quality option, League of Legends in non-teamfight situations, MagicBook Pro can be stabilized at around 115Fps, and team-fights can be stabilized at around 95. The basic picture is smooth, without obvious lag and pixel mapping errors.

Over hating reduction test

According to the test, when the CPU is fully loaded, the temperature of the processor will be around 90℃, and close to 100℃ under the limit. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of Ryzen 4800H remains stable at about 60℃. Although 4800H is a standard voltage of 7nm process and 15W to 45W, the processor has basically maintained the same level of temperature control compared with the previous generation, which is limited to notebooks. Due to the influence of volume and integration, the internal temperature is not significantly improved.

Battery Life test

As for battery life, Honor MagicBook Pro does not change the battery specs, like the previous models of laptop with a 56Wh battery. Officially, when the brightness is 150 nits, the local 1080P video playback state has a battery life of 11 hours. According to the actual test, the maximum recovery time is 10.3 hours, which is close to the nominal value.


According to the actual computer test for AMD Ryzen 4, the 4800H currently equipped with the Honor MagicBook Pro is indeed much stronger than the previous models overall performance. And upgrading memory and display could be icing on the cake. In fact, the Honor MagicBook Pro is actually the same as the previous models of laptop, but the overall operating experience has been completely reborn.

By Anurag Rathod

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