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How AI will Influence the Future of Web Development

How AI will Influence the Future of Web Development

Innovation is change, and change is progress. The human race has progressed so far from the Stone Age. Every innovation created since the first wheel changed our way of life, our thinking, and as Erik Brynjolfsson said, “made it easier to invent something else.”

AI or artificial intelligence is one example of such innovations that make life easier in every sector, including medical, education, and more. It also has an impact on the development of digital products like mobile apps and websites. 

Someone once said that AI helps humans focus on the areas of their role that bring the most value. So, here we’ll discuss a few ways how artificial intelligence and machine learning impacts the future of web development: 

AI and Web Design

The role of artificial intelligence in web designing is visible in every stage of development. AI-enabled software can help designers in decision making for content, branding, layout, and the initial design of the website. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can solve concerns regarding security, coding, quality, analysis, and more. With AI-integrated systems working with human designers, companies can boost user retention by eliminating security issues and automating testing processes.

In addition to boosting site performance and responsiveness, AI assistants will limit the time spent on web design. Wix and Bookmark claim that websites will design themselves with AI integration from web building to branding and logo designing, as well. 

The automation of repeated, basic tasks will help the developers put their focus on more demanding areas of web development and find more accurate solutions. 

AI and Coding

Coding is a vital stage in the development of websites and mobile applications. Until now, developers made use of pre-built and tested resources available in communities like GitHub, Node Package Manager, and more. AI helps automate the task of writing code from scratch and building apps and websites that are more responsive. Additionally, it will also decrease development time and remove errors in the codebase. 

AI and User Experience

AI enhances the user experience of a website via chatbots. They function by stimulating a conversation with fast, accurate responses and adapting actions. Chatbots will make the site more user-centric, focusing on enhancing customer experience with proper answers to visitors’ queries.

It will help the visitors learn and understand your products, improve user engagement, and customer retention. Additionally, AI can also take over repetitive tasks in web development, increasing the speed and accuracy of the processes without any adjustments in data.

Increasing Use of Machine Learning as a Service 

Companies like Applify Labs, renowned for their mobile and web development services, are increasingly turning towards machine learning as a service-based product (MLaaS). It is predicted to have an integral part in web development in the coming years, allowing individuals to choose subscription models with machine learning services.

AI Improves Internet Search with Voice Search Optimization

Another way artificial intelligence will benefit web development is by improving internet search with voice search optimization. Voice search allows users to look up information or shop online by merely speaking out their queries. Thus, voice-based interaction tools are sought-after to enhance the customer experience.

Artificial intelligence will optimize websites for voice search and make them accessible via solutions like Cortana, Siri, and Alexa. It will help keep consistent interaction between customers and sites. For businesses in every industry, AI will be vital for maintaining an online presence. 

Analyzing Customer Behavior for a Personalized Experience

With AI, not only can you improve internet search, but websites can analyze customer behavior to provide a personalized experience. AI-enabled systems record and examine how a user navigates on the site and pulls up relevant content based on their previous search.

Whether it is online shopping or articles, blogs, video content, AI makes online browsing a lot easier. With image recognition, for example, users can virtually try out the items with AI throwing out suggestions on their choice. 

The Future of AI

Artificial intelligence is the future of advancement for the human race, and the future is now!

AI is slowly integrating with every aspect of our life, from the medical & healthcare sector to e-commerce businesses and service industries. Mobile and web development will also experience the evolution of artificial intelligence. 

The use of AI for web design is still in its initial stages, but as it advances, it will influence web development in ways we have yet to imagine. 

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