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The camera is a very unforgiving thing. It highlights even the minutest of flaws. So, how can you get that perfect headshot without putting too much light on your scars?  We rounded up the world’s top beauticians to give you the best makeup tips to get the camera ready for that perfect headshot!

Grab Makeup Tips

Water + vitamin E = Perfect Skin

Makeup is not just about covering up. It’s also about ensuring that you have a healthier skin. The best way to get a healthy glowing skin with minimum flaws is to drink up a lot of water. The standard rule of thumb is to ensure that you drink 1 liter of water per 20 kilograms of body weight. This helps in regularly flushing out the toxins in your entire body, thereby leaving you with a dewy and supple skin. Taking supplements for Vitamin E will also help prevent any surprise break out on your face.

Sleeping beauty

There’s a reason it’s called a “beauty sleep”. Getting enough rest is the first step to looking refreshed and energized. Some people operate under the misconception that if they wake up for a shoot they will look sleepy. That couldn’t be farther than the truth. While you might feel lazy and sleepy when you leave the bed, a good shower can make you look like the epitome of energy and freshness. If you don’t get enough rest, you will end up with puffed up bags under your eyes that definitely isn’t a sight for sore eyes.

Don’t neglect the primer

A lot of people just assume that primers are, well, useless. They are a gimmick meant to steal money from vain people. But, as much as you’d like to blame the industry for its flaws, that isn’t the truth. A primer is a very important thing to apply on the face first. A primer plays a very important role in covering up pores, filling in the fine lines and covering other imperfections. It gives you a canvas to work on so that makeup is cohesive with the skin.

What that light?

Insufficient lighting will only result in terrible makeup. This is because if you can’t see what you are doing then how can you expect perfection? Cameras often have heavy flashes. Their light captures even the lightest of marks and slightest of flaws on the skin. So, ensure that you use the harshest of lights to inspect your make up in.

It’s all about the eyes

Eyes are a weapon that can make or break the picture. Make sure that you put in a lot of attention to your eyes. Use light but pertinent makeup. Make sure that the eyes are bright and not gloomy. It has to pop up and scream for attention. Every eye shape has a different kind of makeup that looks best in it. Research a little to find out what suits you best.

Lip it right

Lips have to complement the eyes. Your lips and eyes can’t both be out there and slapping people in the eyes. Play one subtle and play to your strengths. If you feel like your lips are better than your eyes, then you should highlight it. If your eyes are more powerful than your lips, then keep your lips lighter and muter.

Don’t use shimmer foundation

Matte foundation is the best way to go always. While shimmer foundations look great in person, they sometimes look like blemishes on the face. So, try to avoid it. Always go for medium to full coverage foundation. The whole purpose of foundations is to ensure that your skin looks even toned. Transparent and light foundations are great for naturally flawless skin, but if you want that even toned perfectly look, definitely go for a fuller coverage.

Get an app

There are many on demand beauty service app that helps in making your life much easier. This basically helps you in hiring a beautician on demand instantly. This is almost as simple as booking a taxi using an app and that’s why it’s called Uber for Makeup.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.