Super Cheap Hacks For On Demand Beauty Services Business

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Everyone wants to look pretty today. People are working very hard to give their bodies the perfect look. Today the focus has shifted from simple make up to extensive beauty therapy services. While people would earlier go for simple and cheap make up, today people are very keen on spending vehemently to find the right … Read more

Best Tips to Follow While Building a Makeup Artistry Business


Makeup artist to their best with cosmetic to make their client look beautiful. They are the only reason for making wedding days photography amazing. But still, the earning of a makeup artist relies on the customer line-up. The makeup is one of the most unique professions in the world. Being the unique profession, it is … Read more

Expert Beauticians Share Make up Tips for Professional Headshots

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The camera is a very unforgiving thing. It highlights even the minutest of flaws. So, how can you get that perfect headshot without putting too much light on your scars?  We rounded up the world’s top beauticians to give you the best makeup tips to get the camera ready for that perfect headshot! Grab Makeup … Read more

Can You Make Your Hairdresser Business With An On Demand Beauty Service App?

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“You don’t mess with Zohan” is a reminder world is obsessed with beauty. Whether someone is violent or peaceful, everyone wants a little bit of glamour and beauty in their lives. Well, it’s a modern age and people don’t bother about salon shops. Beauty parlors are a place where the actual beauty services are provided. … Read more