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Best Apps for Roadside Assistance

Best Apps for Roadside Assistance

The business of roadside assistance is a lucrative one. Today there are many Towing apps that work on the basic principle of the Uber for Towing model.

Let us identify the top 3 towing apps around the world used for roadside assistance.


By far the most popular towing application is Honk. It has a very clear and user-friendly design. Its presentation and clear forward thinking about all the necessary information that needs to be taken right at the beginning makes the usability of the app far superior to anything else.

After downloading the app, you can effortlessly save information like your credit card details and your car’s make, model, and manufacturing year in a matter of seconds. On placing a request for the job, the app asks for a little more information which can help in saving time. Information such as whether you need a spare tire or have one, do you have a jack or you need one etc. is always useful in ensuring that you can get assistance instantly.

towing apps

Its menu of services comprises of:

  • jump start,
  • fuel delivery,
  • unlocking your car,
  • towing,
  • Ditch retrieval.

The best thing about the app is that it shows the price of a particular job upfront. There are no doubts about what you have to pay them in the end, so you can make an informed booking. The prices are quite reasonable too. Their usual wait time is anything between 15 to 30 minutes. provides pretty much everything that Honk does, but its biggest advantage is that it has an option for booking without an app too. You can request for roadside assistance using the’s website or even place phone call to do it. also presents an accident recognition feature, which uses your Smartphone’s motion sensors to sense if your car is caught up in an accident.

One disadvantage of using Is that it doesn’t give an accurate wait time for the tow truck’s arrival. This company seems to have put in a lot of thought in making this app. One of its features known as the Family View feature sends you a text alert if your family member ever needs help on the road and enables you to track the condition of their service request. It’s a considerate (while not absolutely critical) feature that helps stand out.


AAA offers its own app that permits Users to ask for roadside assistance, as well as right to use the organization’s travel discounts and other offers. Although it is used widely, it doesn’t seem to be the hot favorite of the people because of its user interface.

It is quite similar in its functionality, however, needs the user to type in their names in it in advance. The sad thing is that AAA has been in the market since far before apps existed and yet its present app reportedly crashes more often than it works.

Getting your own honk clone

If you want to start your own app, then it is best that you go for the Honk clone. Such an application can be extremely useful in tapping markets that have yet not been tapped. As long as there are cars and people drive them a towing business is going to be successful.

However, it is very important that you understand that a Tow truck app that needs to be absolutely flawless. This is not just like a normal taxi app. It is an app that is supposed to help people who are in need and are quite desperate. Make sure that you buy the right Honk clone. This is so that it doesn’t crash and can be useful for the customers.

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