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The Postmates Delivery App is praised for having an awesome delivery network. Thus, getting customers delivery right on time. It is a unique business model that has stirred startups and established entrepreneurs to develop a postmates clone app

Buy groceries? Few taps and get it delivery at the doorstep. Hungry for a burger? Few swaps on your smartphone and get it within 30 minutes at your doorstep. Planned a party and forgot wine? No problem. Few clicks on the app and get the delivery driver to deliver to your place. Such is the Postmates Delivery App Technology.

Keeping Up With The On-demand Delivery Business

Why would you go to a grocery store and wait in the long line to checkout?

When you can get the daily essentials, groceries, and food delivered to you and cook and eat while watching a favorite movie?

With more and more people are happy buying groceries and eating in the comforts of their homes, the demand for developing On-demand Delivery App Clone like Postmates is rapidly growing.

In recent studies, the percentage of people buying food, groceries, and daily essentials online is increasing year by year. Thus, this is the right opportunity to start your On-demand Service App Clone.

Postmates Clone App is a complete delivery app solution with Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery and Wine Delivery integrated. It is white-label with your brand logo and theme so that you can instantly start using it.

Postmates Clone App gives you complete control over your food delivery business in real-time and is available with a fully customized web and mobile app.

Why Build An App Like Postmates?

Postmates Clone App is one of the top On demand Delivery Clone App.  This On-demand Service App Clone comes featuring a variety of delivery features including Food, Grocery, and Alcohol.

The Postmates clone script is available on the Android, and iOS, and Web platforms. Integrated with four separate panels that include User, Store partner / Restaurants, Delivery Driver and Admin.

Postmates Clone App can be the best Online Delivery Service Solution for your local delivery of food, groceries, wine and other goods. An entrepreneur can start their business career in Postmates and earn huge profits.

The Postmates Clone app can be utilized for On-demand Delivery Services like:

  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Alcohol delivery

Deliver Anything With An App Like Postmates

When you enter On-demand Business Market, make sure you have a full-fledge Postmates Clone App built with New Version Features to enhance your customer engagement, boost delivery sales, and most importantly generate revenue.

New Version Features For Postmates Clone App

  • Store Wise Commission

It allows Admin to set different commissions for every store and restaurant. For instance, an XYZ grocery delivery store is doing good business thus, getting more orders from the users. The Admin can set a higher commission with a chance to earn more on every delivery order dispatched.

  • Item Name Searching

Often the user loses interest when he/she is not able to find the food item, grocery product, or a wine/alcohol brand in the search filter. This feature is an advanced version that immediately sends the prompt when the user feeds in few initials of the product.

  • Select Weekdays and Weekend for Stores as per your region’s culture.

In many countries, the weekends are on. For instance, Dubai. The country remains off on Fridays and Saturdays. Thus, full-fledged working on Sundays. This feature enables Admin to make changes as per their country’s culture.

  • Store / Restaurant Items Bulk Import through CSV

Putting entries manually is not only time-consuming but also full of mistakes. Duplicate entries are another headache to remove. The feature allows the admin to direct import the restaurant menus, grocery product categories as well as alcohol brands through CSV.

  • Tip for Delivery Driver when paid Online via Card / Wallet

The feature allows the user to pay the tip to the delivery person via Card payment or Wallet.         

  • Face Mask Verification

A must-have feature where the delivery driver has to take a selfie and upload before starting their deliveries. Thus ensuring that he/she is abiding by the COVID19 safety rules.

  • 18+ Age Confirmation (especially for wine delivery)

This feature enables the user to upload their identity proof for purchasing liquor and relevant substance that require 18+ confirmation. Once the verification is done the order is processed. However, the same verification is checked by the delivery driver to confirm and hand over the purchase.

  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers

This feature can be incorporated in Wine, Food, and Grocery delivery app panels. The user leaves a voice note instruction for the drivers in case if there is a specific preference for the deliveries. E.g. the delivery handed over at the gate, etc. 

  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens

Restaurants can upload pictures of their kitchens to let customers know about how they follow the best safety and cleanliness processes on their premises.

  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver

Store Drivers can cancel Delivery orders if they cannot deliver Food or Groceries for some reason.       

  • OTP Verification to Start the Task

Customers to provide OTP to Taxi Drivers, Delivery Drivers, Service Providers to confirm the start of Taxi Ride, get parcel delivery or Job respectively. 

  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification

This feature shows the status of the graphical flow of the live tracking of the Ordered Food, Grocery delivery drives, through graphical icons via App Notifications.

Why Hire An App Development Company To Build Postmates Clone App?

They offer free server installation

Once the app is purchase, the app development company will install the script on the server at no cost. In less than five days your Clone App Script will be live for you to do business.

App submission free of cost

Once the app is purchase, the app development team will proceed with the app submission in the App Store and Play Store done at no cost.

Free Bug Support

The app development team consistently works to deliver a high-quality Postmates Clone App that is free of bugs and errors. In any critical stage, if you need bug support, the team will be there to get you through.

Timely Support

The app development team offers timely support that includes non-technical and technical support and maintenance for a stipulated time frame from the time the app has been purchased.

100% Licensed Source Code

The best part about purchasing Postmates Clone App from a white-labeled company is you are provided complete licensed source code. Having bought a 100% licensed source code script solution means it allows you to modify and make changes as and when your business demands.

Support After App Rejection

For any rejection that happens while launching the app in the store, the team make amends and correction ensuring that it gets submitted without any hassle.

The Right Way To Build An App Like Postmates

A minimum viable product also known as MVP is a great way to start your On-demand Delivery Service business. This will be a basic business model but, will have all the essential features that we discussed above.

Starting with the MVP Postmates Clone App will be the right thing to start your Customizable Delivery Business. It puts less stress on the investment as well as reducing the risk of failure if any.

Additionally, this prompts you if there is a need of adding new features depending on the response from the customers.

In Conclusion

Hire a Postmates Clone App Development Company as your technology partner, can help you with all the vital information required to start with an Online Delivery Service Solution startup. The app development company will have the latest scalable technologies to build an app like Postmates with unique features and modules. Furthermore, they help you create a customized business model for your company. To know about buying Postmates Clone App, get in touch with the app development company by writing an email or calling their business representative.

By Anurag Rathod

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