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What is better, NextGen EMR Software or Nextech EMR? Today, healthcare organizations look for the best medical recording software solutions to keep on being competitive. This article will help you choose the best solution by enabling you to compare these two EMR systems down to the exact details of their offerings. We present you a comprehensive evaluation of their core features, user reviews, pricing details, and more, so that you can finalize the right system for your healthcare setup. You must also understand what you need from a Health IT solution to decide which product to go with. Let’s just dive into it without any further ado!

NextGen EMR – An Overview

Designed for single-specialty and multi-specialty practices, NextGen Healthcare offers a comprehensive EHR platform tailored to fit the needs of ambulatory and specialty facilities of all sizes. It handles the clinical and administrative tasks of a practice and lets practitioners provide quality care and save time with an increase in overall revenue and patient satisfaction. 

The vendor enables interoperability to help its users access health information and exchange patient data across disparate systems regardless of where their patients are treated. They can also streamline and personalize patient communications. Its mobile app also happens to enhance workflow efficiency. Key features of this system include: 

  • Appointment Management
  • Billing Management
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Medical Templates
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient History
  • Scheduling
  • Voice Recognition

This software’s clinical care solutions work to simplify and integrate physician workflows and reduce administrative tasks to let clinicians focus on patient care and optimize the caregiver experience. NextGen Software Reviews vouch for the fact that its financial management functionalities help organizations align financial and clinical solutions like end-to-end revenue cycle management to improve the competitive position of practices, align with their goals, and lower their cost of health IT ownership. 

Nextech EMR – An Overview

Nextech EMR offers an EMR and Practice Management solution that enables specialty practices to streamline and automate administrative processes and workflows. It is designed for the specialty providers and aims to drive productivity while complying with industry regulatory standards to enhance the patient experience. 

This platform primarily focuses on delivering an integrated solution that lets physicians maximize operational efficiency and increase overall profitability as an organization. In addition to this, it boosts charting efficiency and documentation accuracy with its Ophthalmology-specific EHR, IntelleChartPRO. Nextech EHR intuitively mirrors the problem-driven workflows of a facility, allowing users to see more patients and eliminate after-hour charting. Key features include: 

  • Billing
  • Automation
  • Compliance
  • Charting
  • E-Prescribing
  • Telemedicine
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Engagement 
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Nextech Reviews suggest that the software helps its users to optimize financial performance, reduce administrative burdens, and improve patient care with a powerful Practice Management system that is designed to support the ever-changing needs of healthcare facilities. Reviewers generally feel that the software efficiently accommodates provider needs and lets users schedule at multiple locations to accelerate documentation with robust charting capabilities. Users can take notes and get actionable insights through practice performance trends to maintain the overall control of their workflows. Moreover, they can continue working on the software while they are making rounds or are on the go. 

User Reviews: NextGen vs Nextech

Based on user reviews studied from multiple online sources, we have noted the following points for both these EMR products. 

NextGen EMR:

Here’s what NextGen Software Reviews tell about this EHR Product:

  • It offers all the essential features and provides standard EMR and Practice Management functionalities. 
  • Most users feel that it involves fewer clicks and scrolls as it allows them to view important patient information on a single screen. 
  • Users who opted for NextGen Demo report that it offers ease of use and navigation. 
  • Some users while discussing its performance also felt that it can glitch and freeze up at times and offered slow response times. 
  • There is a learning curve during the set-up phase, which is when the support team also seems slow to respond. 

Nextech EMR:

Here’s what users say about this health recording solution:

  • Users note that the software provides templates that are flexible and can be customized to a provider’s unique needs. 
  • It makes lab result processing, ordering, and transmission less time-consuming. 
  • Users say they can take their Nextech EMR with them anywhere as this cloud-based system is available for iPad and lets doctors to chart patient engagement right at the app. 
  • Reviewers also note that it is quite overwhelming for staff as it requires a lot of steps to complete a single task. 
  • Ongoing upgrades also seem to be a problem for users because most of the time it makes the system slower. 
  • The platform lacks customization options and can be very expensive for smaller practices. 

Pricing Comparison


The company offers three pricing plans, each of which includes two tiers: one for providers and one for nurses. These plans specify a certain number of claims a healthcare practice can submit every month.  Overall, NextGen Software is priced reasonably, ranging from $299 to $549 per provider, per month


The pricing details for Nextech EMR are not shared openly by the vendor. Some online sources suggest that it offers a few flexible plans to their customers. You can also get a custom quote for your business needs at Software Finder. 

Support details

NextGen Healthcare provides live support to its users, while Nextech EMR offers phone and email support.

Prominent Clients


Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, Mount Kisco Medical Group, and AltaMed HEalth Services Corporation.


Water’s Edge Dermatology, Connecticut Retina Consultants, and DAVinci Plastic Surgery.

Final Thoughts

These EMR products are known for their ability to increase practice efficiency and improve quality of patient care. We recommend that you spend some time to study their differences and understand which one can be a better option for your healthcare practice. However, if you still won’t be able to decide whether to go for NextGen EMR or Nextech Software, you can always evaluate their demo versions, get clarifications from the vendor, and explore some user reviews on our website.

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