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The WiFi network has become very important for every household because every work has become online in today’s time. Then, people require stable & speedy WiFi network connectivity. If you really wish to access the speedy wireless network connectivity then you can access it with the wireless router. Because a wireless router is an optimum & better networking device for many client devices. If you think about installing a high-speed wireless router in your home then you can install an Amplifi HD WiFi router because it comes along with a touchscreen display. With the touchscreen display, you can easily operate the WiFi router in a hassle-free manner. The network coverage of this device is more & wider. You can easily take the network signals in long-range areas with this WiFi router.

The Amplifi wireless networking router comes along with optimum 802.11AC networks. This network definitely enhances the network range in the long-range networking area. If you wish to change the login admin password of the HD router then you need to access the amplifi router login page. With the default IP or web address, you can easily access the login page of this networking router. After that, visit the wireless setting & quickly change the admin password. 

Troubleshooting steps of Amplifi HD WiFi Router 

If you use any device then there will definitely come some problems. If you are using an amplifier router and you come across many problems like the internet is down, the HD router’s display doesn’t respond, the lighting issue in the router display, not adding the router in Amplifi App, and others. Then, don’t worry you can take the router manual and then reading it in a suave. Because the router’s manual usually provides a lot of information. If you can’t get the solution for the router’s problem then you need to follow some given below steps. Because these steps surely solve all problems related to the router. 

Amplifi router internet is down

Sometimes the router’s network connectivity is down, then you need to ensure the wireless router is properly plugged into the power source. If your router is not plugged into the proper power outlet, it will not be immediately disabled and will not provide internet connectivity. Sometimes the power outlet which is there is a fault due to which it is not able to provide current to the router. To fix the problem, you need to verify the power source, if it is faulty then you can remove the router from this power outlet and plug in another power outlet. You can properly ensure your networking router & modem are securely connected to each other. To fix the internet down problem, you need to disconnect the router & modem from the power source. Afterward, you have to plug it into the power source. If the problem is also there on the internet then, you need to contact your internet service provider. Afterward, the problem will be solved. 

Router’s display doesn’t respond

The Amplifi WiFi router comes along with a touch screen display. You can easily touch this display and quickly operate the wireless router. But sometimes the wireless router’s display screen doesn’t respond then the user faces issues. If you definitely solve the touchscreen issue, then you make sure your networking router properly receives the power. If it does not receive the power then you can properly verify the power adapter. Because sometimes the power adapter is faulty. Then it does not provide power to the wireless router. If the power adapter is faulty, then you need to replace it. After that, attach the power adapter to the router and verify the display of the HP wireless router. 

Amplifi HD WiFi Router display has lighting issue

Sometimes, the lighting issue is there in the display of the wireless router. To properly fix the issue you need to verify the lighting setting. Just open the Amplifi app on your mobile phone. Then, visit the setting and select the lighting setting. Under this setting, you maniatin the brightness level with the brightness level. If the lighting issue of the Amplifi router simply persists then the last option is you need to reset it with the presented reset option. 

Retrieve my password if I forgot it

If you forgot the password of the Amplifi wireless router then, you can easily retrieve it. You have to open the web browser on your computer or laptop device. Then using the search bar of this browser and accurately insert amplifi.lan. Afterward, get the login page, you can enter the username and clear the password option. Then, click the forgot option and then easily retrieve the network password. 

Reset my router to the factory default settings

If the problem is not accurately solved by the HD wireless router then you can perform the factory reset of this router. Open the amplifi app on your tablet & mobile phone and then visit the setting of this app. Then, you will find out the factory default setting, in this setting. You select this option and then definitely reset the router. 

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