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Whether you run a large retail store, a known professional brand, or some small brick and mortar trade, it is significant for you to determine that the online market has never been more cutthroat. To grow your business from the scratch, you require an eCommerce website that can assist you to nurture alongside it. 

Today, uptight competition needs eCommerce store holders to focus on enhancing the quality of their e-store as well as forming the right strategies to attract long-term customers. Among many well-liked habits to take care of the consumers, using follow up emails and sending shopping carts through email is measured as one of the most efficient methodologies in attracting customers swiftly. And, this is the time when there is a need for Magento eCommerce extension along with top-notch Magento development services!

Did you ever think to have some features and functionality in your Magento eCommerce store that helps in viewing the shopping cart of the customers? Well, there are different reasons for which this type of requirement occurs including negotiation on prices for bulk shopping or product personalization. 

If your online store is Magento based, you should integrate the Magento 2 email quote extension. Email quote extension for Magento 2 will help in allowing the patrons to quote for the products in bulk in the eCommerce store. This extension is quite supportive of creating order through the admin panel. The best thing is that shoppers can talk with the admin for any doubts related to the quoted products. 

With the help of Magento 2 email quote extension, you can provide your potential customers the benefit of sending an email of their shopping cart to the admin. This facility decreases the time to analyze and comprehend the needs of customers because the admin would be able to watch all the options and quantities that are already available in the email.

After receiving the requirements by the shopping cart, an admin can easily know the requirements which are discussed with customers. Once the discussion of the price is over, the role of Magento 2 email quote extension begins. 

Let’s discuss the best 5 things about Magento 2 email quote extension in detail

Admin Can Create Orders

Through reliable Magento 2 email quote extension, admin is allowed to create an order with the required custom options available in the backend of the database. He/she can prepare a quote and after adding all the products, the admin can click the button “email quote” from the backend and send a quote to its consumers via email. Customers would be able to click the option and thus, directly checkout the added products and complete the whole cycle.

Price Negotiation is Possible

You are very well aware of the truth that negotiating and bargaining on the products is possible in offline shopping but not in online shopping. Online shopping has the biggest disadvantage of no price negotiation. However, running a B2B business or selling the personalized/bulk products, sometimes overpricing of the products may lead to losing your valuable prospect. 

There are various companies such as Pixlogix which has developed a fully functional and reliable Magento 2 Email Quote extension. This extension helps in allowing customers to quote and negotiate for the product pricing through an admin.

Customers Can Email Their Shopping Cart to Admin

Magento 2 Quote extension helps in giving facility to customers to send their shopping cart via email to the eCommerce shop admin for the quote request. Here, the admin has permission to manage these quotations in the form of a separate grid in the database backend and create orders from that particular lattice.

Always remember that the Magento 2 store don’t want to proclaim the rates of bulk/ wholesale products openly. In such a scenario, the customers require to converse the requirements with the admin before the rates finalization. The admin needs to comprehend the needs of the customers that include custom product options and supplementary necessities. 

Give the Benefit of Privacy Policy Checkbox

The Magento 2 email quote extension provides a privacy policy checkbox in the analysis form. This helps admin to enable the privacy policy checkbox in the inquiry form. Besides, it helps in keeping the bots away with the up-to-the-minute Google reCAPTHCA v3 in the query form. All you need is to enter the website key and secret key generated during the registration with Google reCAPTCHA so that you can integrate it with Magento 2.

Admin can Apply Coupon Code

In Magento 2 email quote extension, the admin of the store is also allowed to apply coupon code from the backend itself when he/she is creating the quote of the product.

Final Takeaway About Magento 2 Email Quote Extension

In eCommerce stores, the customers don’t have many choices to negotiate or bargain on the quoted prices which leave them in condition to approach another online store for purchasing. Consequently, Magento 2 Email Quote Extension allows you as a leading eCommerce store owner to integrate a price quotation feature into your Magento store that can benefit your customers to quote for the product prices. This way your valuable customers would simply negotiate on the products they are looking for! 

It is highly recommended to think for adding Magento 2 email quote extension to your Magento based online store and avail amazing benefits of it. For buying Magento 2 email quote extension, approach none other than Pixlogix.

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