Whatsapp business

WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging applications, totally free and without advertising, most used worldwide. According to the latest results announced in January 2018 , the application has managed to obtain 1.5 million monthly assets , and 60 billion messages sent through them every day.

How did WhatsApp start?

Whatsapp was founded by Jan Koum in 2009 . The peculiarity of this application compared to other instant messaging services of the moment is that it did not require providing a username and password; if not, the registration was made from your mobile number. So you could communicate with any contact on your agenda who used the application. Something that totally changed the idea of messaging, and that put sms aside, since anyone could do it for free using the application and with an internet connection.

Any user with a smartphone could download the application and start using it for free the first year . Afterwards, € 0.89 per year was charged to each user who wanted to continue using the application. In return, the company promised not to add advertising to its app. Something important that he wanted to keep, and that has sincerely been one of the best decisions that has made him rise compared to other applications of the competition.

Many people decided to pay for the subscription and keep using it, since the amount was minimal. But many others were stopped by the idea of having to add a credit card for payment, so they decided to switch to other apps that offered the same service and were totally free, such as Telegram as it had more features. Like, No limit in groups compared to whatsapp groups. 

How did WhatsApp become free?

In 2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp, and it became the property of Mark Zuckerberg,  owner of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram … Who saw an application with more than 100 million users … Almost nothing. Even so, he decided to make it totally free and remove the one-year subscription to continue using it, since he saw minimal profits so he preferred to change his strategy. This obviously caused many users to use the application again. It has also been adding some Facebook features to WhatsApp.

The question that is being asked now is how does WhatsApp earn money being free and not having advertising ? A very good question, since keeping it on the market costs millions of euros every year. So in this post, I want to answer that question, so that you know what Mark Zuckerberg’s plans are to want to keep this free app on the market.

How does WhatsApp earn money?

One of the tools that allowed the app to obtain benefits were professional services. Which allowed communication between large companies such as airlines or taxis, with customers. Any company can link its system to whatsapp . As is the case with Uber.  Who linked the whatsapp platform to his company, to allow customers to book or order taxis, in exchange for paying a commission to the application .


One of the oldest ways that large companies and franchises can get money is through investments in the stock market . This allows companies to finance new projects or face unforeseen expenses. That is why Facebook and WhatsApp (two large companies) also go public, so they can request money from investors. There are a large number of investors who are dedicated to investing in companies and thus obtain part of the benefits that they achieve.


As you already know, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, one of the most powerful companies on the market . That is why even if you do not earn income, it does not mean a loss of benefits for the owner. Although it has been said that the application is profitable and it has not been necessary, if it had had any problems it could have resorted to the money of Facebook and the other companies of the owner. It’s the good thing about having a great company behind you!

Sale of Data

A rumor that rang a lot on the net for a long time was that companies, not just WhatsApp, sold their users’ data to large companies . This allowed them to have more information about us, such as our tastes, etc. That way they could sell you things more easily. But like I say it was just a rumor. Nothing has been proven to date that implicates Facebook in this.

Whatsapp Busines!

We had been reading information for some time that WhatsApp planned to facilitate relations between companies and users. And finally it already exists! Since January we have the WhatsApp Business application in our store . An application focused on  small and medium-sized companies . Its appearance is similar to what we see in the normal app, but it notices a series of changes. And his idea is to connect companies with potential customers. Companies can create their company profile, similar to the profile we find when we create a Facebook Page . You can add business address, hours, and also allow you to create auto-reply messages .


As we can see, the chances of success of this magnificent app are not few , and therefore the opportunity to generate high profits. That is why its owner has decided to leave it running, and not only because of the large number of people who use it, but also because, even if it does not have a subscription like, for example, the streaming music application Spotify , your potential earnings can be much higher.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.