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Business Communication Planning: Does IT Matter?

Business Communication Planning: Does IT Matter?

Faced with moments of crisis, it is imperative that companies adopt a well-defined plan of action to keep their businesses afloat.

The idea of ​​business continuity planning has never been more popular than it is today. In the face of the coronavirus epidemic, many companies need to improve their strategies to prevent sales declines and avoid potential losses.

This plan is suitable for moments when problems, obstacles and barriers need to be addressed to eventually cripple and disrupt the work of any enterprise.

How is your IT reseller handling the issues with COID-19? Do you already have an IT business sustainability plan? Follow the article below and learn how it works. Good reading!

What is a business continuity plan?

The so-called business continuity plan is a set of preventive actions and strategies that are able to ensure the effectiveness of the company’s core services in times of crisis until the situation returns to normal.

Day-to-day corporate failures such as system failures, fraud, natural disasters, financial crises, etc. can therefore affect the progress of corporate processes and an efficient plan needs to be devised to prevent these complex situations.

Companies that guarantee the continuity of their business should create such a structured plan. This is necessary for the survival of the enterprise, mainly because you cannot always predict the arrival of an event that will affect operations, such as the recent coronavirus crisis.

The business continuity plan considers what resources are available to define best practices in other situations, including technical failure, cyber threats, natural disasters, and what the organization has created from a detailed analysis of the risks associated with it.

The content of the plan will vary by organization depending on your region and needs. However, some questions need to be defined, such as:

What are the major hazards and risks that could affect your marketing?

How can these threats affect business?

What steps and procedures will be required to overcome the problem and resume activities in case of crisis?

After all analyzes have been completed, the results are recorded with the measures and standards followed by the staff at key moments to avoid further loss to the corporation.

Through this project, companies, which are increasingly relying on automated systems and technological tools, can reduce losses and restore their online systems through simpler measures.

How important is business continuity planning?

In general, a business continuity plan should include information on how each member of the organization will be able to cope with adversity:

Determine the degree of risk exposure;

Keep staff well prepared to make the plan work;

Determining the role and responsibilities of everyone;

Identify critical processes that require immediate attention;

Knowledge of smart and effective decision making process;

Enable a healthy cash flow;

Maintain the image and reputation of the company.

When the company does not have a well-structured plan, it faces major problems such as declining productivity, sharp decline in revenue, uncontrolled increase in expenses, lack of control over management, poor reputation in the market, etc., among other failures.

So, when your IT reseller develops a business continuity plan, you can avoid the potential negative consequences of unforeseen events while maintaining business stability.

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