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The profession of an IT specialist is now in great demand. Such employees are needed in most companies, from very small firms to the largest holdings. However, the field of IT is a rather specific area, and it is not so easy to find a good IT specialist. To not waste time, employers often turn to IT Staffing Agencies that specialize directly in selecting IT personnel. This article will tell you in detail about the IT recruiting features.

IT recruiting: not as easy as it seems

Let’s start with the fact that “IT-specialist” is the general name of the direction, including more than 50 professions. This is a technical support employee, a tester, an account manager, and a system administrator. IT specialists also include various developers: Java, PHP, Net, C ++, Python, Android, etc. Therefore, IT selection is a rather painstaking task because the agency employee has to carefully evaluate and check applicants’ knowledge to understand their level and specific area of ​​competence. 

An IT specialist is a fairly highly paid profession. Many people dream of getting such a position, including those who do not fit the requirements. A competent HR of IT Staffing Agencies filters such candidates at the initial stage of the interview. Of course, for this, an employee of a staffing agency for the search for IT specialists must be well versed in this area, and not just study the resume and diplomas of candidates. It is important to consider that technologies do not stand still, and new trends constantly appear in the IT-sphere, which also needs to be monitored. 

Importance of IT Staffing Agencies

It is difficult to find an industry today that does not employ an IT specialist. Marketing, sales, construction, banking, science, law, transport, tourism, telecommunications – the list goes on for a long time. A logical question arises: wouldn’t it be easier for the company owner to hire an IT-recruiting specialist rather than turn to a third-party company for service? There are several reasons why such a decision is justified. First, as we have already said, IT is a specific industry. Not every employer understands it and can assess a candidate’s level, be it a potential IT specialist himself/herself or an IT recruiter. Agencies for selecting IT specialists value their reputation and cooperate only with trusted people with a large professional “baggage”. Secondly, sometimes the head of an enterprise himself does not know what kind of IT specialist he needs – in this case, an employee of the IT recruiting agency will help to find a suitable person based on the requirements and working conditions. And thirdly, even at very large enterprises, the search for IT specialists is required irregularly, which means that it is simply unprofitable to keep a full-time IT recruiter. 

How to choose an agency? 

The level of the specialists offered by it directly depends on the quality of the IT Staffing Agencies. There are several criteria by which to determine the reliability of such organizations. A good IT recruiting agency should:

  • To be engaged in the selection of specialists in the area required by the employer. We emphasize once again, that information technology is a loose concept. Suppose the employer needs a Java developer, and the agency specializes only in programmers and system administrators. In that case, it is better to look for another company. We have already said that it is better not to apply to general recruiting agencies to find an IT specialist.
  • Have case studies and an excellent reputation. It is better that these were not faceless reviews on the Internet, but official letters of thanks with the heading of the organization, detailed information about the nature and quality of the services provided, and signed by the company’s head.
  • Have a staff of specialists with experience and the necessary skills. The IT sphere is not an industry for which theoretical knowledge is sufficient. Therefore, a competent IT recruiter must himself have sufficient work experience, moreover, “fresh,” and not ten years ago. 

You must consider these three points while selecting IT Staffing Agencies. You can consider Scion Technical Staffing; they provide the best services in the US for helping the companies select a suitable staff member for their company. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.