How Ludo Game App Development Can Empower in the Gaming Industry

Ludo is one of the most addictive & easy to play table games currently accessible on mobile phones due to progressive technological innovation. One of the highlights of this game is, it tends to be played with PC handling knowledge.

It is supposed to be played between 2 to 4 players with the assistance of dice. With the rolling of the dice, a player can dominate the match, which makes it fun and energizing. 

Features of Ludo Game

During the Online Ludo Game app development, developers ensure that every feature present in the standard board game also exists in the online version. 

Accordingly, features of the online Ludo Game are as mentioned below: 

1. Simple and User-Friendly:

The Ludo game app is as straightforward as the board version. A first-time user of the application will not need any guidance to play the game. All options are easily navigable.

2. Multiple Platforms:

Available on the majority of platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows OS. The game can also synchronize across multiple devices with different platforms. This boosts the user base of the game.

3. Ludo Game Modes: 

Several modes to play the Ludo Game include:

  • 4 House: 

As soon as the users click the Play Now button, each of the four players are assigned four pawns. The first player to have all four of his pawns finish their journeys by reaching home before others win. The other left out players continue the match to determine the runners-up.

  • 1 House:
    All rules as in 4 House except one. For winning, the contestant needs to ensure that any of the four pledges need to reach home before others achieve.
  • Timer:
    A new functionality is added during ludo game app development where players are restricted by time. The player with maximum points wins. Each mouse-over by the contestant is awarded 1 point. Those who reach home will be awarded 56 points.
  • Challenge:
    Players in this mode can join a board that already has players in it. All the boards that are ready to play can be seen below the challenge option. Any player can create a challenge where others can join him/her.
  • Private Board:
    One player can create a private board and send a code to others willing to play with him/her. A wonderful option like this is fruitful when friends or family members want to play privately.

How Ludo Game App Development Empowers The Gaming Industry

On a statistical basis, Ludo gained a significant user base during the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown early in 2020. India has the largest user base for about 79%. Online Ludo has around 19+ crores monthly active user base. 

The success of India’s online ludo game app development has been marked by the enthusiasm with which it has been adopted across the globe. Ludo’s highest number of users right now are from Pakistan, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, in that order. And the game had to be upgraded and made available with multilingual functionality because of its demand amongst numerous users. 

Pre-lockdown, the user base for Ludo was just 15 million users, while in May 2020, the user base had swelled to 251 million. However, the Ludo game app development managed to become the King of the Online Gaming Industry unopposed. The game is there to stay, lockdown or not. 


Ludo Game App Development now plays a vital role in the gaming industry. The software is available for advanced setup. Since the game has received global attention from players of all ages, many businesses want to develop a game application or similar entertainment application.  

Mobzway is the leading Ludo Game App and Web development company in India that meets all your requirements with a qualified team of dedicated developers. We use advanced tools and technologies to generate a game that supports desktop, android and other popular platforms. 

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