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The recent surveys suggest that there are more than 2 billion android users across the globe. It settles a great deal of demand for android app development services in India or any other country where the digital marketing domain is in its prime. Developing an android mobile app is considered fairly advantageous because native applications perform better and faster as compared to selective hybrid apps.

Even though hybrid app development and cross-platform setups are taking over every giant industry in India, it hasn’t affected the need for native android app development. The main reason is that android is an open-source operating system that allows streamlined and customized app designing and configuration.

Although, it’s not all fun and games in android app development and there are several disadvantages that will make you rethink your business strategy. In this post, we have sorted out some pros and cons of android app development that can help you decide what works better for your business conveniently:

Android App Development Pros

  • Let’s begin with the cost-effectiveness of android app development services, especially in India. Even the top mobile app development companies create tailored native apps in circumscribed budgets. There are many tools for android app development that require a nominally priced subscription, so you can get started with your project as soon as you want.
  • Graphic implementation is another major pro of android app development. Your app can be super simple to use and yet aesthetically appealing with seamless graphic support in android app development. Android app development is the way to go if you are planning something gigantic for your next gaming project.
  • Security is the essence of mobile app development! Only a professional app developer can understand the undeniable need for secure access. Android may be regarded as an open-source operating system, but the platform is impeccably secured. The best part is that different android app development frameworks and tools come with in-built security features that protect your business app from viruses and malware.
  • The open-source layout of the android operating system is highly flexible as it allows developers to come up with creative integration tools. Whether you have to configure a data management theorem or a multimedia-based algorithm, you can add amazing things to your business app with the help of simple android app integration options.
  • The market presence of android applications is way more comprehensive than iOS applications. Major technology-oriented organizations such as Google and Samsung are working constantly to augment the quality of user experience in android systems. This is the reason why android apps are so adaptable as they can easily be morphed into wearable apps and TV applications.
  • The development timeline in native android app development is relatively concise as compared to hybrid and cross-platform app development. If you run a small business with discrete services and products, you can get your mobile app designed in a few hours. Besides, versatility is another great feature of android app development that counts as a pro.

Android App Development Cons

  • The first major con of android app development is that the user interface is not as responsive as hybrid mobile apps. While other app development variants come with a one-size-fits-all sort of quality, you can’t leverage the responsiveness in android app development.
  • In terms of play store visibility and API compatibility, your android app may lag. Android doesn’t easily accept third-party API integration which is a load of work for android app developers. On the other hand, play store marketing of your application will also require more effort.
  • There are a few claims that Google hasn’t tested the recently built android applications, and this is a loophole. Untested mobile apps with loose configuration and other issues often go through copyright issues and it’s not a good signal for your business.

Now, you have both advantages and disadvantages of mobile app development services sorted right in front of you. This will help you gather better insights on whether your business needs android app development company services or not. If you still have any doubts about mobile app development and looking for professional help, browse through top mobile app development companies around your area.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.