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Welcome to this post, we are here with a few latest HR trends for your business unit. In the current situation, the corona-virus has been proved to be one of the greatest accelerators that have transformed workplaces. Corona-virus pandemic has affected all the people around the globe to some other extent and has changed how everyone works, learns, shops, exercises and communicates. 

Also, it is seen that the pandemic has forced to change the workplace environment and style that might not have been accepted if it was not a “pandemic.” It had brought up a few major changes such as working remotely, shifting to virtual meetings from the in-person ones, re-changing the business travels and much more. 

Moving forward to the 2021 workplace, everything has changed, how to work, where to work, when to work, the technologies to be used to work and stay connected, managing the members and customers and much more. It has become a new normal of working from home, learning and collaborating online, building inclusiveness in the workspace virtually and what not. 

Let us move forward to the latest HR trends that have come to light after the pandemic. 

Learning from a remote place 

The business models have changed and the employees are now working from home. Also, this required the employees to learn and develop from the remote place to work with the new technologies. Learning has been an important aspect of every business. 

The present pandemic is witnessing an upward trend in remote learning or e-learning. Virtual learning can be achieved through virtual classrooms, virtual exams and video lectures to learn new skills. The virtual learning platforms provide interactive lessons and fun alongside. Virtual learning has led the employees to grab the opportunities of working along with focusing on their weak areas and learning to correct them with virtual video lectures. This helps the employees to work effectively with learning. 

Increased productivity 

Productivity is considered the most important goal of any business unit. The idea here of HR is to get the work done in as much lesser time as possible. The remote working model helps to complete early and has changed the traditional idea of productivity. 

Firstly the automation has affected productivity a lot. Automation helps to bring accuracy and efficiency to the business unit and helps employees to work error-free. Next, the entry of cloud HR software and cloud sites help the HR managers to monitor the productivity of remote employees and easily share documents with them with few clicks. Lastly, remote working leads to flexible timings boosting productivity. 

Improved skills 

The recent surveys show that the demand for improving the skills over the virtual sites and apps has increased by over 38% in the pandemic time. It is a huge number and shows the improvements in upskilling. In this modern age, technology is at a boom and the demand for trained professionals has increased. 

It is for sure that the organizations can hire experts but it can become an expensive process. A more suggested option is to modernize or train the existing staff. Upskilling can increase the confidence of your employees and boost their morale helping to have employee retention. Upskilling can also save the cost of hiring and on-boarding and is seen as a new trend in HR. 

Health benefits 

The pandemic has hit everyone differently. But majorly the studies show that it has affected the health and especially the mental health of employees. It has become mandatory for companies to help with mental health support instead of it being an add-on. It becomes important for HR to look after the mental health of employees and provide them with required treatments. 


It is seen that the average HR department in any company spends around 40% of their time on tedious and repetitive HR activities. The automation can help to get rid of this burdensome manual work and hence allow the HR staff to focus on the major decision making. 

Every task right from resume collection, screening to online tests can be automated. The approval or rejection of client requests is done automatically. Management of employee time sheet, payroll, accounting, expense claims, productivity and much more can be done easily. 

Tracking activities digitally 

HR faces the huge task of tracking employee details. As a part of the traditional system, the employee would come physically to the office, scan the ID card, and register his attendance. With the login to their computer, the IT would monitor their activities and active time. But with the advancement, the employee tracking undergoes 360 degrees. The companies now install virtual tools such as time sheets, attendance and performance management to track employees. 


These were a few of the latest HR trends that help HR managers to manage the business effectively. The pandemic has changed a lot of things in the world and the changes in the working environment is one of such. 

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