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Freeroll poker tournaments are those that allow poker players to enter tournaments free of cost. Unlike conventional poker tournaments, these do not charge money as buy-ins. Sometimes, buy-ins are pooled together which later, serve as the prize and hence serves as commission in conventional poker tournaments. This is probably the best place for beginners to master the game before moving to the high-stakes competition. 

What are the Pros and Cons of a Freeroll tournament? 

In the pros column, it is amply made evident that it is the best place for beginners to learn the craft and since its a risk free zone, you can experiment with strategies while enjoying the game for what it is..However, the best poker sites allow ever beginners to churn maximum value out of freerolls, but more on that later.

There are certain drawbacks as well but not like something that might be a deal-breaker. The prize money is fairly low, but that is fair because the risk is nil. There is a sense of unpredictability involved because with novices, there are no patterns. The number of Poker variants might be limited in a freeroll tournament on certain poker sites.  

List of Best Freeroll Poker Tournament Sites in India 

If you as a user who is told that you could win money in Poker without investing any money behind it all, you would probably think that this is an elaborate scam. However, the best poker sites know how to do the job right. One such name in India is PokerBaazi, one of the best poker sites to play freerolls , as it offers you the whole lot without letting you pay a dime. Its got some of the best options for beginners and when it comes to the best freeroll poker tournament online, you don’t need to look further. 

  • Depositor’s Freeroll

The idea behind these tournaments is to give the depositors an incentive for depositing money. Participating in the daily depositors 20K GTD freeroll, you can get into the groove of the game by knowing ithe game’s nuances and develop a knack for reading your opponents. This is like a practice pitch for users. You just need to deposit 200 rupees or more and use the code, DEPFR20 to earn a free ticket and use the rest of the money to other cash tournaments on PokerBaazi. A win win you see! In the Weekly version of the best Freeroll Poker Tournament online, you can be a part of the action every Saturday at 7:30 pm. 

  • Play Money Cash Games

Play money is a virtual currency that has no bearing on your account. It can be used to play practice games where you play to add finesse to your game and learn the basics of cash games. You can claim your play money chips every calendar day through the cashier tab in the mobile app. 

  • Free Entry Tournaments

Probably the best freeroll poker tournament online, these tournaments have a prize pool that extends beyond 30 lakhs every month. The tournaments are fashioned to make sure that beginners in the arena get much-needed experience in a level-playing field before making a shift to play top-draw opponents. These tournaments take place every day and run all day long. Winnigs are in Real Chip Bonus (RCB) that you can use to sit on the cash tables for free.

Tournament Rules on PokerBaazi 

  • PokerBaazi hosts all sorts of tournaments and discloses all information regarding it before games to help you make an informed decision. They reserve the right to delay such tournaments due to unforeseen situations without prior disclaimer. 
  • PokerBaazi has been touted to be the best poker site because of its principles as a propagator of fair play. To ensure this, seat numbers are assigned randomly, and swapping of seats between two players is not allowed. The dealer is always placed at seat number 1 when the game begins. 
  • Tournament breaks are schedule and are generally five minutes long, unscheduled breaks between games are something that is not allowed here.  

Earn Real Money With Zero Buy-in with PokerBaazi

Download the PokerBaazi App today to sign-up and be a part of our freeroll tradition. Perfect your game with the best poker site before your branch off to more intense competitions. Even if you are a beginner and you have issues with navigating the rules of the game or the intricacies of online poker,  PokerBaazi keeps thing easy on the mind ans at the tables. Feel free to check out the app if you are planning to get started. 

By Anurag Rathod

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